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Videos Thread !

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Video request!


I am pretty sure I am going for a P90 as a new AEG, but I want to know whether to get a hicap or 2 lowcaps first because of the rate of fire it might have. So, would someone mind making a quick video (with sound, preferably) of the Tokyo Marui P90 emptying a lowcap on full auto? The video quality doesn't need to be neet, I really just need to hear the gun so I can tell how long it takes :)


Thanks! +1 avaliable for the person who gets it for me! :D

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I saw that one. Not quite what I was looking for, but I suppose it shows me pretty well :) It isn't much different from my CA M15 it sounds like.


By the way, I did check both YouTube and Video Google for P90 airsoft.

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