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Last Sunday I went to the opening play day at Asobiba Akihabara in Tokyo. I still haven't gone through most off the "good" footage but put together a collection of me being stupid and getting shot. One team kill, got team killed twice myself. Go ahead and turn off captions...they're just Japanese comments. 


Also it was my first time fielding a helmet camera, so not terribly great.



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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

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One of my buddies videos. Playing a game of "Fylle Börje", which I guess can be translated to "Rescue the drunk", at the indoor CQB arena I normally go to. Pretty funny. Swedish though but I think you get the idea. Haha :D


The concept is two teams up against each other. First team to find the drunk needs to get him to the safe zone without the other team shooting them out or getting the drunk. :P


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This is a Short video! It was a long game and i have plenty of footage shooting but this was the only one where you can see the "target".

Obs: We do not use limit range to fire but headshooting is forbidden if the target is 5 meters or less. My gun shoots 278 Fps with .25g



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I went to a big event in Nagoya on Monday, 5-hour attack/defend scenario. I suck terribly at woodland games. 


I also haven't gotten my Contour figured out yet. I didn't know 960 defaulted to 4:3 instead of 16:9.



Also, can anyone recommend a good FREE video editing program, specifically one that allows for editing of the original sound? I use Lightworks but the free version will only export in 720. I want something that can export up to 1080. 

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Renegade, your video (and others) is not helping me ignore thinking about getting out into the field in order to focus on finals.  Was the water bottle because you appeared to need a drink, or was that some way of medic revival after being patched up the first time?


That could apply to everyone else's videos I've bee watching lately, thanks folks. :D


Water bottle is per the medic rules at MSW games.



(Renagade's video)


I don't mean any disrespect towards you as you seemed to be relatively proactive yourself, but what exactly was your team doing that whole time? Instead of maneuvering out of the killzone ASAP they seemed quite content to stay in a clustered column and get machine gunned in exposed positions.


Yeah, the whole thing was kinda a culsterf**k, however, after sitting and protecting a motor position for 5 hours, it was a welcome change.

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