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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

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a short clip from WarZone - Op Crypt Kicker @ Sennybridge FIBUA site in Wales this weekend just gone. The weather was certainly testing but the TAG Innovation ArchAngel rounds made up for that. 


Dude, I was there when you let one of those bad boys off. Colour me impressed, those things rock. Nice one!

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Hey guys.


I thought I'd share this guide on how to mount a GoPro camera to a set of NV Goggles.

Now all nods are different in their own way so those looking to use the same method may have to incorporate their own modification to attach the beam splitter (angle sight) to the NV eyepiece however this gives you an idea of how it can be achieved. This cost me roughly £60-£70 tops for this project. Far cheaper than the official store bought alternative.




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KSC Vz61 Scorpion GBB and TM MK23 SOCOM game-play from The Depot, indoor CQB site, Glasgow, Scotland, 3rd April 2016, including +8 Socom killstreak.

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