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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

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This thing just made it to the match, was very excited to see how they perform in actual use, I suggest you see for yourself:



That's an pistol & shotgun event hosted by 3GNHK (yeah, three gun :P ), I brought my newly arrived action cam (Panasonic HX-A1M plus headband) to see if I can get some footage. The general briefing was 9:30 in the morning but I couldn't sleep early the last night, so when I got there I wasn't fully awake yet, and I forgot to turn on the camera at the first stage in the morning......


Besides the actual shooting, most of the time there are sponsored goodies and swag for lucky draw giveaways when the organizers are working the scores, some of which even brought back some smile for those who screwed up the stages :P , speaking of which I grabbed a can of RWA gas (everybody gets one or a bag of BBs) and was given a Safariland 579 holster from the draw, yay! (sometimes the prize covers the entry fee, which is really sweet!)


I screwed up the stage missing from the video, minor feeding problem from the shotgun and it costs 10 seconds. Adjusted a bit after that stage and the gun ran smooth as butter, but I still thought I dropped out from the pack and later surprised when I was announced the 2nd place in the division.

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