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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

Posted Images

Whats happened to hitman?



Ultimate Wargames Video



From a while back, not filmed by me so dont blame me :P Im the one with the USPc behind the mini-fort... last man standing. For a short while anywayThen I had to defend the other direction and didn't notice the guy with the huge whatever that's meant to be :P

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I think it was about 4 rounds, sorry don't know if it was quick tapping or full auto. There are rules against full auto at that range but he was a newcomer so I don't know...


By the video its hard to tell if thats the same gun firing full auto, might just be quiet. It seems like I must have been quite shot up to pull such a stupid pose though. :blink:


Any recommendations on helmet cams? Want one now :) ATC 2000 or 1000, or theres a tony hawks one which all look OKish...

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Ah yes.

The guy with the camera saw fit to tell me that the guy with the helmet was coming (even though I had already seen him and put a hole in his head) and so the enemy decided they had to tell themselves where I was.

Not that it was hard to work out ;)


Its a shame we didnt get a video of the guy taking a video here lying on a tree lying diagonally from the ground with his sniper propped between the two trees holding it up bang killing people as they walked up the path a couple of months after this video- you think they'd suspect something after 10 guys waiting on the path for a medic! :D






Topic: Taste of Ultimate Wargames (by same as last video, Matty)

Collection of clips and pics, a lot of the Air Cav (cos he's in it! :P ) Like the music :)

Im in this one too- I run out of the alamo just before the frag kills everyone else in it. I didn't last long outside though :blink:

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GZ Vid i done in May06.


128mb file but its worth the download. And you get a good idea of the site if you have never been befor



Heh, I was just listening to the Minstrel Boys song from Black Hawk Down and wondering how it would work in an airsoft video. Great vid.






lol, wrong paintjob for the op. Looks like 24 karat.

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Here is my teammate getting blind fired in the face from nearly point blank. Right as the video stops you see him flinch. That is when he got up and all hell broke loose. I've never heard so many cuss words used in one sentence. Too bad that was not on video.



What was that n00b even thinking by doing that? Or was he.


Oh and here is one of the snakes that was found during the game Saturday.

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Ghost Town: The Movie,

Created by Me (SACSlym, Nonquitt Studios)


Ghost Town is a arena type paintball field, that literally is a western ghost town in appearance. We occasionally play airsoft there, and I had taken film last year there, and my gf recently shot film there two weeks ago.


To summarize, for lack of long sustained good film, I went with an all action no story movie, that basically just highlights airsoft's tactical elements in general, although I did at some points mix the footage to give a sense of progression so that it wouldn't be utter chaos.


Personally I really like how it came out, in that despite not having events in order, I feel like the shots even the ones that last a mere 3 seconds speak for themselves. So get a cold one ready and prepare to enjoy the light show, also known as Ghost Town: The Movie.



(Feel free to watch the streamed version, or if you like full HD Quality download it!)

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