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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

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Well here it is folks:


http://lawndartdesign.com/Parachute.mov "please do save as" as there's not streaming option. This requires Quicktime 7, and it's a pretty big file, 217mb, but it's real HD 720P.


If anyone wants to host this for me, I'd owe that person a favor later down the road.


Gettin 404 Error. Can't wait for it to be re-hosted so I can see the beauty.

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Oooh this is gonna be fun, with one simple image I'm going to make you all really really hate me now. Looking over the footage from today's game is going to make the last video look crappy in comparison. That previous video should be online this week for your public consumption.


This next video will not be available for 2-3 weeks. I am too busy this coming week because of work, and week after next I'm taking the first vacation I've taken in 2 years, so I WONT be working on this for at least 2 weeks.


And now, start your salivating. This is a frame capture, not goosed up at all in post, from today's game. And for those who asked, I did some slow mo stuff for this video, the pic below is an ESCORT MP5, filmed at 2.5x slow mo, and yeah you can easily see the bolt slapping at that speed, and it looks AWESOME.



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I swore I wouldn't edit it till after my vacation, but I got about 90 seconds editted, and if I can keep up the pace for another 60 seconds of footage this is gonna blow the last one out of the water.


I also find a lot of irony in that people brag about their guns shooting 400fps, well my weapon (HVX200) shoots 60fps and can slow down and stop time, hehehe.

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Thanks, the newer video I'm starting to cut (it's going to be about 3 min total) is 10x better than the one you guys are watching, better game, better footage, but as I said I doubt I'll finish it before I leave for Portland. But yeah, if you guys like this you'll like the other one more.

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Titleist ....very good work...there were some really good load outs running around in there that you managed to capture... :)


On another note watching the participants the old pro paintball addage '...gun up...gun up...' sprang to mind :mellow:

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Thanks guys, the second one is shaping up to be much better. If you noticed most of the shots on the first video were long lens, i.e I wasn't very close to the action. I got more comfortable this time and got much much closer to people. And the result is far cooler.

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