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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Posted Images



A day of total chaos at the old mental institute that was closed down in the late 30's. CQB airsoft, Navy SEALs/ Devgru impression. Watch and enjoy! Don't forget to sub & comment. :)


Owner of recorded video: Andreas Stuve

Recorded with: Gopro Hero2 in 1080P

Edited in: Sony Vegas Pro 10

Music: Two Steps From Hell - Area 51


The gear that I was rocking in this video:




Some of the other gear seen in the video:

Alot of Eagle Industries

London Bridge trading

Mayflower R&C

Ops Core helmets

Systema 416 mod

Systema PTW MK18, CQBR etc.


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@ Appslapp - I have many questions about your video mate:


1. Is that a regular skirmish site, or a one off event?


2. How much must it cost to set up an event like that, were the entrance fees high?


3. Presumably the containers with 'windows' and other cut outs were deliberately for the purposes of airsoft? If so, does that mean you guys just like went round with a blow torch for a day or something?


4. How come everyone is so well kitted out? Is that more the norm in Sweden? Or is it because of that particullar event? Or is that just a side effect of it being (what I presume) rather cold in Sweden?


5. Are you in the video anywhere yourself?


6. What camera was it shot using? The video looks amazing, the quality is decent throughout and the editing and effects were surprisingly welcome, they definetly added something extra.

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1.The is a new play area that runs a single game time to time, it's a contieryard during workingdays.


2.The guy who arranges game takes 10 to 15 pounds in fees, however he works in the business in some way, so I do not know what the total cost is to him.


3. I dont know if the holes in the containers were made ??for us?


4.In Sweden, we have everything from very basic to the extreme grearporn gamewise, and in this game, it tured out that more people with good equipment were playing. But you can say thet there are a big portion of the players in Sweden that have good kit.


5 I was not not the movie this time;)


6 I use a Nikon D7000, and when it comes to editing, I use premier and after effects.





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So who wants to see a hades arrow mortar in action?


Op Shattered Union Ultimatum part 1

Op Shattered Union Ultimatum part 2

Part 2 has the mortar action. Thrice I unleashed it on the town.


For lazy people.


Basically it was a modern Civil war game with civi's in the middle of it.

I witnessed the civilians inflict casualties on my fellow ISA side. There for we poisoned them and launched 70mm mortar rounds at them to quell their hostilities.

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Video from this weekends CQB Mayhem, on the newly opened CQB Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.


Task Force Valkyrie


Recorded with: 2x ContourHD in 720P

Recorded by: Purvins & Grymmt

Edited in: Sony Vegas Pro 10

Edited by: Andreas Stuve

Music: Animals as Leaders - Tempting time


Enjoy, don't forget to sub & comment on Youtube. :)

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Liking that video Sinner.


Team kits look good and compliment each other. Decent speed and aggression of action in the gameplay too. Only bit I noticed was at the start doing a straight stack into a doorway, better interms of speed but can suck if there's somebody set up well to shoot out of the doorway and pings the whole line of you, that said not knowing the layout of the building and site rules regarding shooting in and out, that stack maybe be the best idea.

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@Scuffer - first of all, great vid mate, truly brilliant - the quality of the videos in this thread just keeps on getting better.


However, one slight niggle that I'm noticing is the use of a pistol in some of the scenes in the video. It doesn't feel right to see the entire squad with M4s whilst a single member is using a pistol. Besides which, it just looks plain odd since the squad appears to be patrolling through some woodland at the time. The oddity being that a pistol is not an offensive/woodland/open combat weapon. Of course, if the squad had just been ambushed in some way at this point in the video it might make sense but the team does not appear to be in any particullar distress.


Oh, and btw, don't take my comments as a dig. Simply an editing suggestion :)

Edited by Kenworth W900
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First time out at the new game area called Mackmyra Bruk, an old Sulfite Factory closed down two million years ago.


Primary Mission: Take out all possible enemies and blow up the IED factory with a controlled charge.

Task Force Valkyrie & SOF mission: Take out the radiostation so the enemy can't activate the alarm and call in more support from around the region.

Mission outcome, success.


Recorded with: Gopro Hero2 in 1080P and two ****whores in 720P.

Edited in: Premiere Pro and After Effects

Cutting done by: Viqsen

After Effects by: Purvins

Chillmode: Andreas Stuve

Location: Gävle (Mackmyra Bruk), Sweden

Teams seen in video: Task Force Valkyrie, SOF and misc.


Hope you all like it, share it, comment on youtube & subscribe icon_smile.gif

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