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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Or it just looks easy. I challenge the airsoft community to post up a counter video. Lets see your max range and give us the FPS . Best thing to do is a video to show how easy it is, well I guess it

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Welldone Warbear!! I love it! :)


Cheers! Hey, I see you use a GoPro for your videos. Which version is that? The low-light capabilities seem lightyears better than mine, so I'm wondering if they really improved it between versions.


Info about your camera rig Warbear!


It's shot with a Sony A65 running on a Glidecam HD. Used a few different types of glass for this, from the kit lens to a really neat 14mm wideangle from Samyang.

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Ok WarBear, it's the HDhero960 He says the Gopro2 HD1080 is even better as far as low light capabilities are concerned. Hope this helps ;)


Nice, I might have to pick up the GoPro2 for our indoor games. Thanks!


I think warbear just made THE airsoft trailer... That was great.


Cheers, glad you liked it!

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Made a little video for our games with the help of Section Sevn and a few other local players.


I like it! A nice filter and colour balance with the high contrast.


Airsoft needs more setup stuff like this? Do you do organic as well?





PS. I can confirm how awesome the Go Pro 2 is, I love mine. I shoot entirely on 120fps for the slow mo.

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Yeah, pretty much all of my other ones have been captured in-game. But I find it immensely difficult to compose something coherent out of the footage since there's only one camera on the field, so hopefully I can recruit someone to help me with a second camera.



edit: 120fps, seriously? Bought!

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Me getting shot in the head at Stirling earlier this year... hit me in the cartilage of the ear.




Very, very good shooting from the sniper. Six floors up and heavy wind.


Watch out for Abaddon sniggering his backside off.

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