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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

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Great vid Eggle!! This is brilliant!!

So good to see the kids skirmishing in the forest too :), here in France the law doesn't allow it and prefers the kids to stay in front of the screen watching tv or doing God knows what else!

Many thanks!

Thanks very much! I have a couple of others on my channel, but I think this is my favourite. I normally play for a half a day then film the second half.

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Very nice, and I like the contrast with the music. Although I second the stabilization thing. Feels not so much shaky as wobbly, like the balance of the rig is off.


edit: that said, I know how hard it is to remain stable when you're trying to capture live gameplay.

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Yeah, I think most of it is because I'm shooting on the go, I don't have a plan and I'm not able to plan out each shot as it is airsoft and its unpredictable. Some of the other wobbly shots are down to the focus pulling, I was using a sigma 30mm which doesn't have a built in stabilizer, so when pulling focus it picks up every little bit of movement.

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I'm not sure if this thread is a videos thread for skirmish/gameplay videos only or any type of video, but here is a bulk post of my airsoft videos so far, and you can check out whichever ones you like of these. Sorry if anyone sees this as a spam post, I see it as: awesome viewing material for the weekend!


EDIT: Or not, seems to be a limit of how many videos I can post. So I will just put up my latest two videos, and you can check out the others from my YT channel!



NonEx - RA Tech Kimber Royal II vs. RS Kimber Royal II - Shapes and Styles


NonEx - RA Tech Kimber Royal II - Parts Material Overview - Steel or Not Steel ?




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Here's the video of our latest Zulu R-Soft Team squirmish event: "L'Hosto de la Mort III" - The Hospital of Death III!

30th september 2012

Pistols and pumps only

45 players

Teams: As de Trèfle, Death Face, DeltaForce17, LGC, SealsTeam6, Wolf Co. & Zulu R-Soft Team

Video: Ketchup (thx) - first time editing on Sony Vegas

Please comment.



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