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Hello people,


Im new to Arnie's Airsoft and am a regular skirmisher at Urban Assault in Upwood near peterborough, no doubt many of you have played there.


Basically i wanted to show off my videos of skirmish days so please take a look and enjoy if you have the time.




Many thanks guys,





If you feel like it please rate, comment and subscribe!

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My team has only been active since June, but we're hitting as many sites in the South of England as we can. We went down to First and Only's Upper Heyford site over the weekend and it's our fav site so far! Can't recommend it enough! :)


Anyway, we didn't get a lot of time to grab many stills or a lot of video footage, but we did get some of each - enough to build a short teaser.




We'll be heading back to Upper Heyford as soon as we can as it really is that good of a site and hopefully we'll have loads of new videos in the near future.


See you on the field!


PS - I know the guys are racking empty rifles, but we did part of the shoot in the safe zone. :)

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Maybe they are so epic that they have to have a post each?


EDIT: Just watched one, erm nope :P



1 post each. Nice and clear.. check your posts! Hurt my eyes..

Posted Yesterday, 04:40 PM

snapback.pngFTZ-WildeCard, on 23 October 2012 - 04:36 PM, said:


Surely those could have gone together into one post?

Maybe they are so epic that they have to have a post each?


EDIT: Just watched one, erm nope :P



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53 Pistols owned and still counting in five years of airsoft. Hopefully more to come soon.

They are (best at the top working down): TM Colt Mark IV Series 70, 2x TM Night Warrior Custom, TM Foliage Warrior, 4x TM 1911A1, 4x TM Detonics, 2x TM MEU, TM PX4, 4x KSC USPc, 3x TM P226, 3x TM M9, TM Glock 17,TM 5.1 Hi-Capa, 2x TK VP70M, 2x KSC USP .45, KWA USPCT, KSC SP2340, Maruzen PPK/s, Maruzen P99, KSC M8000, HFC M190, Army Detonics, KJ Glock 27, KJ P14-.45, KJ Ruger Mk.1, 2x KSC Glock 18c, 2x KSC Glock 26, HFC Desert Eagle, KJ M9 Vertec ABS, ACM Beretta 1934, Marushin PPK SAS, Unknown M93R, WE 3.8 1911, 2x KWC Colt Python.


TM Night Warrior Grips for sale, 11.06€ all in: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/206290-1911-night-warrior-grips-from-tokyo-marui-for-that-modern-tactical-look/

M56 Vietnam Era 1911A1 pouch for sale: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/206648-m56-vietnam-era-1911a1-double-magazine-pouch/Every word with different size, font bold, italic... cmon! At least dont criticise others.

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Hi there! here are some videos of mine. Hope you like them.



Sorry, it's so boring I couldn't get past half the first one...please edit...we are far from "epic" here :no: .

Don't just throw your videos on this page without taking more time to work on them, this is the 93rd page of this thread and expectations rise :showoff:

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That exact confusion i got when i saw your post.

You also dont have to write


since its already on the top left of the post :)


Again, differentiate between my signature and my actual post :P.


And yes I do have to put 'FireKnife', I have been doing it for 6 years now and can't let the fans down :D


P.S. In future, never take my posts seriously, if you did you would be the first on this forum (the other people on other forums do as they are a bit, well special).



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