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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Here's a couple of new videos.   Enjoy!    

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I can't make head nor tail of Swindon CQB.


One thing I'm confused on, is it a semi-only site? Because I swear I heard some automatic fire during the above vids. Very varied by the looks of it - light and dark, fast and less fast. Complex rushing games seem like a whirlwind.


Pretty tempted to make a visit. Do they do pistol and/or shotgun only games? That would make it more appealing to me personally, not wanting to put a downer on anyone's style of play but the 'Grab Team' vid where everyone and his mum is using a Tan M4 looks a little, well, generic.


Would you guys say it's worth is overall?

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Yeah was a good day and worth a visit if you like your indoor/cqb play. It is mostly semi only but there is one area where we could use full auto (its a bit more open). The site is mostly in the main area of a large open building with lots of built up barriers, there is also an upstairs area (where the Grab Team's video starts) and a basement where the lights are mostly all off.


As for pistol only games, I personally played the whole day with just my pistol and it felt perfectly suited to the environment even with everyone else on AEG's. Not sure if they do a pistol/shotgun day though.

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Short video from a recent event.  You've all seen this field in my videos before.  Here it is looking a little less crowded!  We played this game before the event officially began (and I had to quit playing and serve as game control at that point), so it's only 7 on 7.  Perfect for a quick, intense game.



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Nice, great looking site. Something very COD-like about it (not wishing that to be an insult btw :P).


Those GBBRs were a welcome change to see. The use of cameras on both teams was neat too - makes me wonder how awesome a creation you could get as a game-footage editor if every player in a given match was touting a camera of some kind.

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