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Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

Where should we attach the camera while playing airsoft?

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That single shot game looks amazing CDI. Great to hear you and your teammates having so much fun.


Yours is great too Ham. Your choice of music is... interesting... haha.

How is your camera mounted? It seems to wobble an awful lot. I was worried your head was coming off.

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Haha that was great Sigma. Loved the music when you were revived.


Was this the Lion's Claw game on memorial weekend?


Yep, LC XII.  I was squad leader, Alpha 2-1.  Honestly it was the worst LC I've been to, but that was a combination of a lot of factors including injuring myself repeatedly, breaking a VFC 416 irreparably, and blowing up a lipo.  Still a fun weekend with my teammates.  And as you can see, some fun bits here and there!  Hope to have more short vids to post soon.


Lots of vids from LC X on my channel too if you want to watch those.  Some of my better stuff.  I actually just found my LC XI footage as well, so if there's anything worth watching in there I'll post it up.

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Some really nice, fast paced action there G-rar. I like your filming style. Some brave players! Subscribed ;)

And that's some crazy full auto action there hardboiled! Good comms with your team, and brilliant grenade death. The laughing is great.


Hope you guys will take a look at my channel too ;) Will have a couple of new videos up this week!

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Last match of yesterday's games. Multiflag CTF. Three flags in the centre of the map. Capture as many as you can until they've all been taken. Flag drop is at the ENEMY respawn. Endless respawns, but only one flag to be handled per team at a time.


I dual wield my cheap, sportline Classic Army MP5ks, and I use them! They only run at about 0.6j, so not great range, but perfect for quick bursts of speed and firepower.


My 3rd Person GoPro rig is homemade. I have a tutorial video on my channel that shows how to build one. Please check out my other videos, there'll be more to come soon!


Thank you kindly for your support. All comments are welcome ;)
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