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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

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Do most people here use? go pros? Has anyone had their camera shot out.. Im tempted to grab a camera of some sort so can anyone recomend a slightly cheaper one.

Not sure about others but I use one of these with a bit of paint to help camoflauge it



You're not going to be pushing the boundaries as far as image quality goes but at that price it's good as a starting point. Also the lens is quite small so the chances of it getting shot out are low

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Hey guys!

There is lots of new videos in my channel!

I'm trying to make my channel "Everything about airsoft" style.

There is How to make videos, lots of game videos, even a Chris Costa Speed drawing etc.

And now I have made my first Gun review of my Thompson M1928, and soon I will start to make some "Customize your gear videos" which includes some easy tricks to make your gear cooler.

Check out the M1928 review

And this is my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ratksah?feature=watch



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Hardboiledcop: from watching that video you had him bang to rights and hit him before he even turned to face you. Incidents like that are why I never bothered going back there


If you pay attention at the beginning of the video, he does the exact same thing to one of the visiting phillipino players at the set of stairs. He's one of the site regulars and although most of them are very friendly and fair players, at least one of them isn't, and beyond that, since they are occasionally marshalls themselves, they tend to chat and distract them during games, which makes it doubly annoying when there are bad calls made in their favour.




I think I might switch to the MAW as my regular site, it's slightly further to drive, but easily the best site I've visited and very CQB oriented for a woodland site..

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Ah, the old "I play here and am mates with the marshals so I can do what I want" routine. It's a shame really as the site has grea potential but the couple of visits I made there a few years ago were ruined by plenty of moments like that, I see not much has changed

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Do most people here use? go pros? Has anyone had their camera shot out.. Im tempted to grab a camera of some sort so can anyone recomend a slightly cheaper one.

Contour are easier to mount IMO as they are slimmer. You can side mount on a helmet, hat, or as I do on my headphones.


Contour ROAM is £118 on amazon. Bargain.


Its what I have. Water resistant out of the box, very nice camera, great image quality, only slight downtime is the battery life (in built battery so no swapping at lunchtime) but by switching it on and off you can do a full days gaming.

I might get one with a removable battery if you budget will stretch.




Oh and I bought some polycarbonate and cut a circle out to protect my lens. Doesn't affect the image quality at all.


I shot my 500 fps VSR are it from 10mm away. The bb smashed into pieces but the polycarbonate was fine.

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I run a Sony Action Camera..


Low light performance could be better, and mounting solutions suck (I have it mounted to the top of my helmet and it's a bit tall), however it's got some good features, and will record around 2 hours 1080p before the battery dies despite what the literature states. Audio is also great.


There's also a company in America that supplies professional non-fisheye lenses should you need one.


However, if I could go back and choose now. I'd probably go for the GP3 Black edition.

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