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FYI to anyone wondering, while they look young ... and Asian ... several of them in the video are former MIL (mostly US Marines) with actual time on a real two way range. And they're solid shooters, not posers. I've known them all for a few years now and shot along side them several times on private range days. A couple of them work at Surefire now. Good crew.


Edit: forgot to mention ... one of the Asian guys who was at Surefire, left the company, re-enlisted and is now in the process of going for MARSOC (about 2/3 of the way thru the process).

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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Or it just looks easy. I challenge the airsoft community to post up a counter video. Lets see your max range and give us the FPS . Best thing to do is a video to show how easy it is, well I guess it

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In the past month or two I've been doing some reviews of L119A1 SFW accessories...




.. reviewing the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical...




... and the Oakley Wind Jackets glasses.



I've also started filming in a proper space for my videos, which should improve the quality in future.


My facebook page is now live too at www.facebook.com/mapleleaftactical


Check it out if you want, and subscribe if you enjoy!

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Just fresh off the render machine is our latest Promo for Tier 1; Operation Orchid Dawn.





Details here: http://wp.me/pqkAO-2UF


In aid of the charity ORCHID - Fighting Male Cancer, Warrior (UKAZ) in association with TIER 1 Military Simulation Ltd is proud to present Operation ORCHID DAWN.
North East Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
ISAF Commanders have received high level intelligence indicating a large increase in the amount of insurgents crossing into the Paktika Province Afghanistan from across the nearby AFPAK border and Pakistan.
Paktika's Provincial Governor, Gulabuddin Mangal has indicated that he is against the use of his province and its capital Sharana being used as a staging ground by insurgent Al Qaeda and Taliban (AQT) fighters and has agreed to allow a United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) Task Force (TF) to be deployed to the region in order to Kill / Capture specific AQT High Value Individuals (HVI) and protect a scheduled meeting in the Capital between the governor Mangal, ANA, ANP and ISAF Commanders. The meeting is set to ensure that the flow of insurgent forces crossing the AFPAK border into Afghanistan is put to an end for good.
TF 842?s mission is set to be a dangerous operation made more complex by having to operate in a hostile urban environment populated by civilians as well as insurgents. The TF will face a constant threat of who is friendly and who is the enemy.
We know the enemy will use every available means to defeat the TF which will include: Car Bombs, IED's, Suicide bombers, Snipers, Mortar barrages and all out attacks on the coalition forces and their Patrol Base (PB).
TF 842 are therefore to prepare for an Extremely High Risk (EHR) counter insurgency operation in an urban environment.




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A few things. First off, get a better mic (or if it's a matter of levels, check levels). Also, since the review doesn't focus on the person doing the review, it may be a good idea to record voice and product footage separately and cut it together in post. More work, but that could eliminate unwanted pauses and hesitation and improve the flow a lot. I'd also suggest that you show the reviewer for an introduction and finish. It makes it a lot more memorable, and more professional, if you have a face to go with the opinion.


Generally, I'd look at what pro reviewers (typically of non-airsoft stuff) do and mimic that as closely as you can.

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Latest video on my HGDR Entertainment youtube channel. 





This video contains one of the actions we made during the day. Our goal was make a "chemical bomb" as the rebels. In order for us to succeed in that after we collected the items we needed a chemist to produce it. This video shows one of the actions we made trying to retrieve him.
King's Town is a location in the northern part of The Netherlands. It is an old bungalow park that now houses Airsoft matches. The terrain therefore consists out of several small buildings surrounded by ditches filled with water in a woodland environment.





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