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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

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Great videos guys. You all deserve feeback.


  • The Tactical Black Cats footage is always excellent. I've been subscribed a while, and I'm always impressed with the venues and games that you film. Very professional stuff.
  • Bucko has some serious kit in his vid! Really interesting to see mate. Well done.
  • That home made tracer is the cat's pajamas! I'll have to check out your channel, eatthis, to see if you show how it's made. It looks like hot lead.
  • Lots of tactical play and screaming, and sitting around with biscuits from Forti at the weekender. Funny video and very entertaining! Your Anzio day looked like a blast too, except for the moving jeep of death. And is that a PX4 at the end?
  • Warbear obviously has a much better camera than the rest of us, haha. Some absolutely beautiful stuff there. I sit out and film my buddies from time to time too. I'll have to slow it down, add a nice filter and put it together too. Looks incredible. That teamwork video is hilarious too.
  • I would say dazdarren's review was useful, but I just got the MK23 myself! Great fun isn't it? I have a video of me using it below! It is big, like you say, so I used a different silencer and made my own CQC holster for it ;)
  • Some nice play in your video too Ham, although I like to trim out the parts where I'm just wandering around a bit. That forest looks beautiful - but it could just be the relaxing music you've included :P
  • I like Hogarder's commentary: I've thought about doing that too - it seems to explain things really well, so I really might give it a try.
  • Love your fast paced action Stuntman. Can I ask - is your Glock gold?? Would love to play in Portugal, but Hong Kong is hot enough!

Phew, okay. Watched all your videos and clicked like and subscribe! (Actually given you two of each, because my Youtube has two bloody accounts..)


Here's my most recent video. Not my best to be honest, but it's really fun using the MK23. It's damn quiet.

If you like the 3rd person perspective (only briefly shown this time), please check out my other videos - it's a fun angle to watch.

Enjoy, like, subscribe!



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Now for something completely different...  

Shot with 2 xGoPro HD 2 (1080p), edited by Garrett, on the Metal City Wars. Event organized by HOT.

Video with subtitles in English





???Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: 



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CQB MEM MARTINS Attack & Defense


See the performance of GARRETT, as it moves into attack mode and then in defense mode


???Did you liked this video? Please subscribe our CHANNEL:



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@ Forti - Dude I love your CQB videos. They're easily the most entertaining that I've seen here.


The annotations on screen, marking hits, deaths and everything in between, plus fast-forwarding the dull parts makes from some sweet fast-paced action and fun viewing.

I'm also loving the humor and your style of play. Reminds me of how I like to play with my pistols.


Keep up the good work!!

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Agreed. Forti has some of the most interesting and well-done footage I've seen so far. The editing is sheer gold and it's way more engaging than another boring slideshow with rock music to cover up the sound of the guy being hit :). It's how I'd want to do videos if I had a channel...

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Some really professional videos here! Excellent stuff! I'll certainly watch them all - I know how long it takes to edit good footage together, then make it look pretty with all the text and stuff. Keep it up guys.


Here's my recent Halloween game video using my CHAINSAW GUN! Please check it out and enjoy!



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It's that time again :v 

(Please enlarge and HD it, unless you like looking at a soup of massive pixels. Thanks youtube)




Another hilarious masterpiece. Airsoft gameplay videos are very hard to be entertaining these days , as hardly any express the funny side of airsoft ! I had a good few laughs in this one. keep up the good work!

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