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Celcius CTW

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Lets see what the Airsoft Systems gun from Hungaria brings to the airsoftgame, once it is out.

They have a poor habbit of saying: "Soon", once you write to them and ask for a release date.

It has ben said in several youtube videos march 2013 so lets see.


I have a few wuestions for the CTW that I hope you guys can help me along with



I have always been told that PTW are for people who only shoots rofly 1500-2500 round per season?

How about the CTW on that front? When bearing in mind how long a motors lasts and entire hopup housing?

#1: I rofly do about 5000-7500 round per season so should at stay away from PTW/CTW?


Does the bolt stop work on empty mags?

#2: I would prefer the Pmags so do they ned any mods to be working with the bolt stop action?


Are there any boards or chips or anything i the stocktube or is it all space for batteries

#3: I have an HK416 cranestock will it fir the stocktube of the CTW?

It is way too big for an AEG stocktube.


#4: The deltaring thread is it compatibill with the G&P/Madbull DD lite rail


#5: When is the MX3 hitting the retailers and at app which price?


#6: Complete cylinder prices and are theese ind fact interchangeable ith the PTW?


#7: What happens if using a 11,1 2400 on a M90 or M110 cylinder would it just go faster or will it damage anything?


#8: How much for a new motor or hopup unit in case of damage`?


I think that was about it for the moment

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1) yeah, stay away from them or learn to go easier and never use FA.


2)there is no commercially available PMags for systemas. you have to make them yourself.


3)there is a mosfet taking up half of the tube space. the gun comes with a crane stock already. there are smaller aftermarket mosfets if your interested.


4) yes


5)the MX3 is coming out soon for around the same price. id say mid summer, bout 700 to 800 USD probably. they are also starting to make a few custom built totally hand made and fitted CTWs off of the MX3 line as well about 4 per month are going to be available for about 2 grand USD each.


6)cant remember the prices for the cylinder. i recommend getting a systema cylinder and replacing the hop up unit with a systema one. the stock hop up, until VERY recently, has a nozzle hole too small for systema nozzles. so the stock hop up likes to break the nozzles off of systema cylinders.


7)you burn out the motor faster as it will be spinning a little faster. you get a re-wrapped motor and you should be alright either way.


8) getting a new motor costs between 200 and 400 USD depending on brand and type. i recommend getting it fixed. usually when motors burn out, they either just loose the brushes and/or need to be rewound as the wire can break. new hop ups cost around 60 USD IIRC

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But dont Celsius make complete cylinders that will fit the CTW for quick spring change?


Doesnt FA behave nicer compared to the SA in term of wear and tear on the brushing ect ect ect?


At Badgertac they have pmag for the CTW and it also claims them to fir the PTW.

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2)there is no commercially available PMags for systemas. you have to make them yourself.


Both Rampo and Tac make Pmags commercially for Systemas. You don't have to make them for yourself.

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Interesting thread, you guys all have points.


However just for the sake of clarity on the case of the recent increase on the price of the systema's (and as I read it here the celcius to).

Bear in mind we are in an economic crisis. If you go to xe.com and check the exchange rates for dollar, pound and euro over a 5 year period against

the Japanese Yen and Chines Yuan, you will see that the Yen and Yuan are extremeley more valuable now then they were a few years ago.

Couple that with the increase in demand of raw materials, rising salary costs (although this goes more for China) various natural disasters and it's easy to see

why stuff get's more expensive.

The reason why some Japanese company's do not rise their prices is because their size allows them to swallow a couple of bad years. And in case of some companies, because they have overseas production facility's. Chinese manufactures are still primarily controlled by the goverment (even thought of first look you might think otherwise) so for them some other economic rules may apply, but even they can't produce under costs items forever.


Sorry that I wrote this story, but I can't stand it when people complain about price rises without looking at the easy to find and understand economic data at hand.

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1. if you have the money to purchase a ptw/cw then i would go for it. very reliable platforms.(purchase a used gun since they are always cheaper)


2. the outer mag shell has nothing to do with the bolt stopping action. you can buy real steel pmags and dremel it to fit the inner mag casing or you can go to the ptw forums and purchase the pmag outer shell casing yourself.


3. most likely it will fit. i believe the ctr and ptw buffertube are commercial spec.


4. no they are not compatible with regualr airsoft rails. however you can purchase a special delta ring specifically for the ptw/ctw upper receiver that will allow you to use the madbul/g&p dd lite rail


5. that info has not been released yet.


6. prices range from $66- $200 (chinese brand - used - authentic)


7.yes if it is a weaker spring using an 11.1v battery will increase its rate of fire. what do you mean 'damage' break skin? no it will not. (airsoft is not meant to hurt people, if you are in the sport to use a high powered gun to shoot at people you should not play the sport and i doubt any field would allow an aeg to shoot stronger than 400fps with .20g bb)


8. if you are planning to purchase a new systema ptw motor it is $200+

celcius ctw ~ $100

fcc ~$200

(i found a barely used systema ptw motor for $120 shipped on ebay)


or you can send it for repair to tackleberry on the ptw forums for about 40gbp


or you can buy a motor core (spinning thing inside the motor) from powair6 for about $90 not including VAT.


as for the hop up unit


a systema ptw is about $60

celcius not sure

custom hop up design that allows you to adjust the hop up from the ejection port (proprietary hop up units only allow you to adjust hop up from inside the mag well. very tedious process. ) 70 gbp.

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