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Cheap Rifle Bags, Wyvern Multicam Gear and British Morale Patches in stock now

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New, in stock now at Flecktarn.co.uk (www.flecktarn.co.uk)

Wyvern AAMBeR Mk2 MOLLE Belt - £49.50 (Multicam), £45.00 (Tan)

Wyvern All Arms Belt Order - £115.40 (Multicam)

Wyvern Velcro Morale Patches (with a British twist) - £3.95

(Abdul don't surf, Mushroom - kept in the dark, Secret Squirrel, Front Towards Enemy)

Shoulder Titles - Chairborne - £7.50

UK ATP Rank Slides to match with Multicam and MTP - £7.45

Wyvern Combat Utility Bag - £55.80 (Multicam)

New Rifle Bags in Olive - to fit an AICS .308 rifle with 22" barrel (which we had to hand to test it)

Single Rifle Bag - £14.95

Double Rifle Bag (yes it will take two of them) £19.95




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