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Custom Gaming PC

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I have for sale a custom built computer that was built in the summer of last year. It has an Antec 300 Illusion case, lit by blue LEDs. 3 cooling fans (Knights CPU cooler and 2 other fans) cools this beast. It has a Radeon HD6850 Graphics card with 3D and crossfire (allows you to run 2 graphics cards at once) capabilities. It is powered by a Cooler Master GX650 Watt power supply. It has an Intel i5 processor that puts out 3.3GHz, a Biostar TP67XE motherboard, a Seagate 1Tb Hard Drive, Asus DVD drive, 8gb of DDR3 RAM, and also installed is a TP-Link Wireless PCI-Adapter.

Software includes Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit, Microsoft Office 2007, and a few games (STALKER series, Marrowind, etc..). It runs all the games I have extremely smoothly, currently runs Battlefield 3 with all settings on Max and at 1680x1050 resolution with no hiccups. I already have a laptop, and I don't really have time to play games like I'd like to with having college, work, etc.. so I have other things I'd rather put the money towards. Aside from the tower itself, it will also come with an HP w2007 20.1" flat screen moniter, dell wired keyboard, and a wireless mouse. I've had no issues with it at all, I just would rather have other things. The only thing wrong is a cosmetic flaw on the rear corner of the case.


I'm asking for $1200 + Shipping OBO. Not looking for any trades, just cash.


You can contact me through email, or text me at (803) 629-55 Nine 1. I can text/email you pictures, but I'll try to get some up shortly.


Thanks for looking.

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