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I recently picked up the Power Up QD Suppressor made by Angry Gun for the UMAREX/KWA/KSC MP7a1 from eHobbyAsia and I figured I’d do a review. There are three reasons why I decided to go with the Angry Gun version in comparison to the 6MM Solution Power Up Suppressor and they are as followed.


1) H&K Trademarks - While both versions have what seems to be the correct markings, the Angry Gun has “HK” where it should be, unlike the 6MM Solutions which is blank where the HK Trademark should be.


Angry Gun



6MM Solutions



2) In Stock - The 6MM Solutions model seems to be out of stock around the whole world. I couldn’t find a single online shop that had it in stock. I actually had a 6MM Solutions model on pre-order with Evike but cancelled it once it their ETA went from 3/12 to 4/12. (Though it's already sold out).


3) The tip - I have both pictures below and you can see that the 6MM Solutions version is white on the inside. While nothing major, looking at the real steel version it seems to be black. That white isn’t significant but it’s just enough to get on my nerves and I’m too lazy to paint it.


Angry Gun



6MM Solutions




Now onto the review of the actual product…



The finish of the gun is very good and it looks a lot better then the pictures on eHobbyAsia make it seem. Also the trademarks are very nice and in comparison to pictures, seem to be in the correct location, font, etc. The only part that I’m not satisfied with the finish is the flash hider that they include. While the build quality seems good, the finish comes off pretty easily. After a few times of installing and removing the suppressor the finish already began to wear off. Also it has a gray finish to it instead of the deeper black of the OEM flash hider. This isn’t really an issue though as you can easily just put on the OEM flash hider should you want it to look good for CQB applications.


The inside of the suppressor has foam, similar to a standard mock suppressor. If you'd like to turn this barrel extension into a suppressor, you can do so in seconds, removing the inner barrel.


Mounted on the gun this suppressor is beautiful, I just can’t get over the look of a suppressed MP7.



Thankfully with the Quick Disconnect design doing back to back testing is pretty simple. With the hopup being tuned to perform the best with both the suppressor on and off, I noticed about a 30-40' increase in range. I know some people are afraid that having two barrels butted up against one another would decreased accuracy, but I did not notice any decrease in accuracy at all.


.I unfortunately don’t own a chrono so I can’t confirm the FPS increase. Though I should be able to get some FPS readings at this Sundays game as well.




- Looks amazing mounted on the MP7

- Trademarks

- Quick and easy to install and remove

- Increased Range

- Increased FPS (Have not yet confirmed)



- The overall length is increased, meaning it’s not much of a compact weapon after installation. If you have the stock extended it measures around 30.5” long., which is slightly longer then a m4 with a 10.5” barrel (stock at forward most point). Though without the stock extended, you’re looking at only 23”.

- Finish of the included flash hider isn’t very great and has already shown signs of wear.



In a second you increase your FPS (not confirmed), range, and accuracy. Then should another field require a lower FPS, you can easily remove the suppressor in a second and it's back to stock. It's a beautiful piece and I've received a lot of compliments about it. Unfortunately I ordered my suppressor the same day that eHobby posted it on their site, looking back now I see that it's already sold out.

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