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Activate the "change name" feature of these forums

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These forums come with a "change display name" feature, that also keeps a visible record of the old display name & when it was changed.


Would it be possible to activate this? Even if its limited to 1-2 name changes (you also get to set the number of changes allowed :P)



I signed up using FaceBook for ease of use, but am now stuck with my full, real, name as my username!


If you do not wish to have this feature, please can you change my name to Dexter? :D




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Can't change you to what youi requested as it is taken. Next nearest applied for you.


One of the wonders of IPB are the number of features, one of the drawbacks is finding them in the darn admin panel. We have disabled name changing as it is open to abuse. If there is a way to restrict the use and allow it I will enable it, however I would have to be confident that it couldn't be mucked around with. ...now if I could just find the feature you describe in the myriad of options it'd help.

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I would not recommend that as dupe accounts are a no-no ;)


PM an admin with a request and a GOOD REASON and it might happen. Key word is might, because dealing with "hey I'm bored with my user name, can you change it to "x"? No wait, change it to "y"! Actually, change it to "z"!!" is not gonna happen.


As Arnie said, there can be lots of potential abuse with this: scammers changing their username to scam others, antagonistic members constantly changing their username after starting multiple flame wars, etc..

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Done. While I'm in a charitable disposition, if any members with SINCERE reasons for name changes (ie 'my real name given and I wish to preserve anonymity, rather than 'I am bored of my name'), I will review and, where appropriate, change names. Please don't contact me with silly reasons as I offer no guarantee I will change.

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No. :P


Just to bounce an idea off people, a member just contacted me to request a name change and offered to make a donation to the site in return. I haven't accepted one but how would people feel about such an idea? I'm keen to try and build up a 'prize fund' so that we can offer periodic competitions for members only.

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A "voluntary contribution" to help grease the wheels of industry?


This must be the only place on earth where that doesn't already happen!


Am i correct in thinking Admins are volunteers and not paid staff? So you have to put up with all of our whines and moans (with the odd genuine request) out of the goodness of your hearts?


I think a prize fund is great idea - If i needed to VOLUNTEER a small amount of cash for inconvienienceing you with trivial matters and it works out to the good and benefit of the forum, well that can only be a good thing in my mind.


You will of course run the risk of accusations of theft, rackateering and christ knows what else if the fund isn't transparant - and that hassle alone my be sufficient to put you off the idea... but if i want to change my name just for the sake of it, i would be happy to compensate the forum for monopolising the Admin's time with non-essential stuff.


Especially as ther is the chance i may win it all back, or goods to the value of... Instead of winning £11.63 could you please post me some decent ammo to the equivilent price? Arnies Prize fund in accosiation with "Chosen Shop" (Badgertac is the obvious choice!!) ;)

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loki7491: Yes, the site is run entirely on a voluntary basis. None of the staff, including Arnie, take a profit from the site - the main source of revenue the site makes is from the front-page-only sponsorship banners, which go towards paying the site's software licences & hosting fees. A very long time ago (back in 2004/5) we had the 'Arnaholic' member group before the modern Forum Regulars occurred, which gave users a custom user group if they made a donation - since then Arnie has been very keen to keep the site 'free-to-use'.


Whitehawksan: that was the jist of it. One of the moderators (who shall remain nameless...) just suggested we charge user to report things but I think that might be a bit overeager. :P

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I think it is a great idea to upgrade/quicker access to value added services via donations.


For example access through Tapatalk may be provided only after making atleast 50 posts but they can upgrade to this access level if they have atleast 10 posts and donate to reach the access level quicker. This doesn't force the members to donate to have that service but can provide quicker upgrade path to these features and an incentive/good feeling for members who are willing to make donations.


I wouldn't have any reservations in donating to our own community to help out where I can.


Thanks for considering.


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