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ACOG Red Dot (Airsoftpark.com)

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This is the one I got: www.airsoftpark.com/product_info.php?products_id=3994





Ive been looking for a new ACOG for some time now (didn’t like them at first, but seeing them on so many SEALs and other cool dudes’ M4s has taught me to love it’s akward shape), and decided to go for a red dot type (also green), since A) I already have the Elcan Specter for a 4x scope and B) the eye-relief on ACOGs usually sucks.


At 56$ including shipping from airsoftpark.com, this was a safe bet, since the price would cause me to regret the buy if it was bad. Thankfully, it isn’t.




The optic comes neatly packaged in a nice carboard box, including the scope, two rail mounts (20 mm and 11 mm), a battery and a cleaning cloth. You can unscrew the mounts and put it directly on the carry handle of your M4/M16 or even get a QD mount, with levers, instead of thumbscrews.


It’s full metal (casting) and includes a lot of details, that Ill describe below.


My first concern (for any optic) was that the red dot may not be bright enough and the eye relief. No worries about either one: the dot can be switched to two intensities and you can choose between red and green. The lower intensity is for dark days or places and the bright one is perfect for sunny days: I tested it outside and it works just fine. The dot is very small, which I prefer, because it doesnt cover the objective when he’s far away, I hate blots. Its very crisp, very round. This might sound obvious for some people, but if you have chinese red dots, you know nice, clean dots are not always the case.

Green dot works just as well; I just prefer the red one, but it’s a nice change every now and then.





About the eye relief: the sight picture is pretty narrow, but that’s not a problem, since you can actually use this like a holo: both eyes open, holding the weapon at any distance, just swaying in front of you waiting for an enemy to cross your path. Didnt expect it to work that well for quick target acquisition.

At the same time, as I said above, the dot is very small and crisp, making it great for precision shooting at a distance.


I dont know if I have mentioned it, but this red dot version has no augmentation, it’s 1x.





Details on this scope are very nice:


- full metal construction, flat black finish, slightly grey with flash.

- full markings on both sides.

- BUIS (back up iron sights). The rear sight can be removed to fit a Docter (mini sight) adapter.

- Cable tie to prevent losing the adjustment caps. Not that I plan on using them, but it looks cool.

- Sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, either a small coin or a flat head screw driver.

- Antireflective lense. Has an internal thread, to fit a kill-flash.


To sum it up: money well spent. Will look awesome on my new SR-15, it’s solid construction and a very useful sight, way lighter thatn my Secter, and for 56$ shipped to my door... well, you know: Im really happy with it. One of those “this is exactly what I wanted” buys.

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That's a bargain for the price.


Quick question - you mention you aren't going to use the adjustment caps; is that because you don't intend to zero your sight?


Not sure if I misunderstood, but I would be keen to hear how well the RDS does hold zero. I've got a clone 552 and it needs to be rezeroed after each use sadly.

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