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Hi all,


I'd like to announce the launch of our new website, Airlab. We are an airsoft engineering retailer based in the UK, specialising in airsoft upgrade components and services. We want to help airsofters tune and upgrade their guns to reach high performance levels, so we also have the 'Workshop', a section of the website dedicated to guides and instructions for people new to tuning work, specialising in AEGs for now. Right now we only have a few products and articles, but more of everything will be added soon.


We only sell and recommend things which we have personal experience with and know to be of excellent quality. Some of our products we design and make ourselves, others are from trusted third parties. We have significant experience tuning airsoft guns and we want to share that expertise with our customers through carefully selected product sales and recommendations, alongside in-depth articles on good workshop practices.


Currently we make Sorbothane pads, high current MOSFETs and self-resetting fuses. We are working on some new, unique products which will be launched soon.


We are also taking pre-orders on TerminusX motors, bushings and pinion gears. TerminusX is a new small scale product developer in the Philippines, producing some of the best airsoft components available today. Airlab is lucky to have exclusive distribution rights for the UK.


Please let me know what you think of the site, and if you have any suggestions at all, including products or articles you would like to see. Of course I'm always keen to talk about airsoft upgrades, so if you have any questions please get in touch.








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I've received an update about TerminusX upgrade components. The deadline for pre-orders is the 6th of May, so there are just under 3 weeks remaining for people to get their orders in before manufacturing starts.


TerminusX Motors are individually crafted, only using the strongest neodymium magnets. This gives them superior magnetic flux, increasing their torque output over other motors, even at the extremely high speeds they are capable of. Being hand made, TerminusX motors have impeccable quality control, ensuring each and every unit performs perfectly. They come in 3 varieties to allow you to precisely tune your AEG as needed.


TerminusX Bushings are made from high speed steel, with a high tungsten carbide content. High speed steel is used in the machining industry to cut other steels because of its immense hardness. This quality makes it the perfect material to withstand extended use in upgraded guns, making them the best choice when tuning an AEG for reliability. Made in 7mm and 8mm.


TerminusX Pinion Gears are made from chromium molybdenum steel, a class of steel with a superb strength to weight ratio. A chrome coating gives it increased durability, lubricity and corrosion resistance. This combination of materials is commonly used in firearm components, and these pinion gears are by far the most advanced available in airsoft. Available for D and O shaped motor shafts.


We also have MOSFETS, self-resetting fuses and sorbothane pads in stock, all made by Airlab.


Click here to visit the online store.




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Hi all,


R-hops made by HunterSeeker Armory have been available in the UK for a short while. They quickly went out of stock, but more are on their way and should be here within 10 working days, probably sooner. People are free to place orders in the meantime!


The R-hop is an accuracy upgrade which has caused a revolution in the airsoft tuning world, enabling airsofters to easily attain peak accuracy and range. It replaces the hop up mound with an extended concave contact patch, providing several advantages:

  • Improves accuracy
  • Increases range
  • Allows use of heavier ammo
  • Improves nozzle/bucking airseal

The R-hop applies smooth acceleration and even backspin resulting in a more stable, flatter BB trajectory. Due to the increased surface area and high friction material, even extremely heavy ammo can be used. It improves airseal by separating the mound from the bucking lips, enabling you to choose a bucking based solely on airseal performance without sacrificing backspin.


The R-hop comes in several varieties. The Z-kit is the easiest and quickest to install, requiring much less work than the original R-hop, without compromising performance. More information is on the product page.







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The deadline for TerminusX pre-orders is this Sunday (6th) at midnight! Orders can be placed via my website: Airlab. TerminusX make some awesome products, but only in limited runs so this will be your last chance to get hold of them for the time being.



Merlin - Speed

Thunder - Balanced

Omega - Torque



High Speed Steel/Tungsten Carbide Alloy Bushings:





Chromium Molybdenum, Hard Chrome coated Pinion Gears:


D Shape

O Shape





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At midnight tonight the pre-order window closes for TerminusX motors, bushings and pinion gears! Orders can be placed on the website.


I will also be taking pre-order for the new gearsets, pistons and ER-hop compatible stainless steel barrels. Please PM me or use the contact page on my site to register your interest for these new products.




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First update for a while. Well it's a major one at least... :D


I'm now taking pre-orders for the new BTC Chimera:




For those who don't know, BlackTalon Concepts is the new company from the team behind Advanced Wargame Systems (AWS), who made the ridiculously popular Stealth and Raptor MOSFETs.


The Chimera is a hybrid of the Extreme-Fire Cheetah 2N and the AWS Raptor. As you can see, the MOSFET comprises two boards - The main MOSFET computer board, and a trigger board. The main board contains most of the electronics; powerful solid-state switches, microprocessor, protection components etc. The trigger board contains the trigger switch, cut-off lever sensor and fire selector sensor, and replaces most of the stock trigger assembly.


This two-board arrangement brings many advantages over the AWS Raptor because the main board can be bigger and therefore contain larger, more powerful components, increasing power handling and reliability. The trigger board now needs far fewer components, so the switches can be placed in the perfect positions without having to fit around other parts. It also means that the Chimera can be made compatible with many different guns by only changing the trigger board design; expect to see versions of the Chimera for guns other than just the V2 and V3.

From the manufacturer:

Main Features:

  • Extreme Power - Can handle power surges up to 9000W
  • Total Control - Over 20,000 fire select configurations
  • Max reliability - Extends life of main gearbox components
  • User friendly - Absolutely no soldering required

Improvements over the Cheetah/Lion 2N

  • The addition of two 4oz/ft^2 thick copper inner layers allows the board's power traces to handle much more power.
  • Dedicated temperature sensor placed right next to the FETs provide more accurate temperature readings.
  • Automatically disables AB temporarily if the braking FET gets too hot so it can passively cool down without interruption.
  • Automatically disables PWM speed control if the main FET gets too hot so it can passively cool down without interruption.
  • No need to solder to any trigger mechanism.
  • Conformal coating for water resistance.
  • Tons of new features!

Improvements over the Raptor

  • Not cramming everything into a tiny space means all the best components can be used.
  • All the trigger board switches have been reinforced with stronger switches.
  • All switches repositioned for optimal performance.
  • Conformal coating for water resistance.
  • Tons of new features!

Improvements over the ASCU

  • Won't be killed if torn data cable comes in contact with the gearbox walls.
  • Both front and rear wiring ready without any modifications.
  • Detachable battery and motor wires (included!) so replacement harnesses can be bought.
  • Smaller and more versatile data cable.
  • Conformal coating for water resistance.
  • Open source so you can learn and/or build your own!


  • Supply Voltage 6.5 to 18 VDC
  • Current Rating: 450 Amps (Peak) 60 Amps (Continuous)
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Revolutionary 2N Dual FET design
  • Can withstand 9000W power surges
  • Less than 0.001 Ohm resistance
  • Extremely low idle current

Controller Features:

  • MOSFET switching
  • Dynamic braking
  • Burst fire modes
  • Burst-auto hybrid
  • Semi only mode
  • Adjustable precocking
  • Adjustable ROF
  • LiPo & LiFe monitoring

Gearbox Improvements:

  • Prevents trigger jams
  • Reduces cycle jams
  • Extends life of gearbox

Circuit Protections:

  • Over current cutoff
  • Low voltage cutoff
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water resistant coating

More information will be available soon. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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I don't have a delivery estimate yet, but I've been told that the launch is imminent. I haven't sold out of pre-orders so you should be safe to wait until they actually arrive before ordering. I'm also concerned about restocking issues, which is why I've placed a fairly large initial order. But I would be very surprised if the same supply problem occurred again, since he's a smart guy and he must be keen not to repeat it.

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Does anyone knows what's going on with Airlab? I ordered some sorbo pads two weeks ago and didn't heard anything since then. I just got the automatic e-mail to confirm my order.


I can't get in touch with them, because i can't find a number to call. I don't get any reaction to my e-mails. "Tacitus" locked in the last time on christmas, that's why i don't sent him a PM.


I would be glad, if someone could help me.

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I'm here. Sorry you haven't had an answer to your email yet. It's been a busy weekend. Sorbo is in stock, we've just been upgrading our equipment over the last few days. Pads will be shipped tomorrow.


mawhonic, you can PM me on here (it will generate an email alert), or email me directly at Lee@air-lab.co.uk. If you provide your order number I can give you an update on your order status. 

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Hi Lee.


I've sent you an e-mail 1-2 weeks ago about my order (Sorbo Pads & Lonex parts), you may remember. The new package hasn't arrived either. :/

I have no clue why that happens. I quadruple-checked my mail address in the options and it's all correct.


May I ask what shipping service you use? I hope to god it's not Royal Mail. Maybe it's just me but over the span of 5 years, 7 out of 10 packages sent with Royal Mail never made it to my address (my first order at Airlab luckily did).

If there's a possibility to use another service (DHL, DPD, etc.), then I'd gladly pay extra shipping for these.

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So much time ist gone, some mails has been written and always the same: "i will send it to you tomorrow". One month should be enouth time to send me two little pieces. I reportet a conflikt to paypal. This is your last chance to send me my Sorbo Pads.


I hope u all guys learn from my story and won´t by anything from AirLab. Almost no mails has been answerd and there is no phone number to call.


I am glad i didn´t order something real expensive at this shop. 12 pounds are not much, but this is no way to treat a customer.

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