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WTS Full Steel Galil ARM

Josiah Hull

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All Steel Galil ARM

Unknown who makes this kit but it is pretty much a dead on copy of the inokatsu Galil kit. The gun is the one listed on gunner airsoft as the GR-01. Regardless, its pretty and heavy, and all steel and wood. And a plastic pistol grip (which is an AK grip, the original one cracked)

I am pretty sure that this gun has a good amount of upgrades in it because it shoots like a dream, and the local tech used to own it. I added an Echo 1 High speed motor to it and now it purrs like a kitten.


It will come with 7 good magazines, and three broken mag inserts along with one extra mag shell, and a 9.6v stick battery. This gun can also use standard AK mags (may take a little filing on the magazine to make it seat well, but they work), as displayed in the photo. Magazines are steel cased with plastic inserts so they look very realistic when in the gun.


I am unsure as to what to charge so lets say $300 OBO, I have never seen one of these for sale so shoot me a price and if I like it, lets make a deal.





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