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€1,000 reward

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Over the Christmas period Antonio Silva from Alvito 7920-025 offered to store my Target rifle and refilling equipment for security while I was in the UK .Antonio has told me they have been stolen .I have photo,s of all of the stolen property. please email me for the photo attachments and reward offer.The six attachments show the stolen equipment.

richardwallinger@gmail.com 961654473.284485212.







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That sucks. Good luck getting your stuff back - one would think there's a pretty limited market for that kind of stuff.


Indeed, these things (called precision PCPs i think) are usually painfully expensive and require alot of care and fine tuning, definately not for everyone. If things like this shows up on an airsoft forum, i'm sure it'll attract alot of attention.


A friend of mine own an Anschuz and the custom stock alone (similar to the one in OP's picture) costed him £1500+ with all the adjustable shoulder pad and weights etc......

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