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Hey all! I just did my VisionKing review (it's pretty damn extensive IMHO, please read it if you are considering anything like a S&B Short Dot replica :)) and while taking pics I thought I might as well review the BF LaRue SPR mount I bought from ACMGear as well. Great prices blah blah blah...those of you who've bought from ACMGear probably know about that anyway, if you haven't then I'll just give my own seal of approval to them again :P


Anyway, let's cut the essays I write short and onto the photos! First thing though, I already mounted and screwed down my VisionKing optic, so I don't have pics of the mount alone. Though if you want to see what it's like I guess just Google for pics? :P





So, the mount is solid and is painted...but for the price what were you really expecting? :P To me as long as the mount holds, stays levelled and the screws don't strip from the mount making my optic fly off my gun it's good enough for the price. Oh, that and the trademarks!




Trades aren't bad at all, clear, crisp and I believe true to the real deal :)


Those of you wondering what the underside looks like, here you go!




You can see that it has two lugs that fit into the RIS system, and the mount is held onto the RIS via LaRue's lever design. I've never played with real steel mounts before (only airsoft stuff in Hong Kong...I'm not like Noveske guys :P), but from all the types of levers I've seen, along with the screw mounts for airsoft (which mimics real steel) the LaRue levers are the most convenient way of mounting an optic solidly to the rails in my experience...I could go all day flicking the levers on and off, it's addictive......(I've got issues don't I :()


Here's a pic of the screws that go into the vertical mount rings:




They fit my VisionKing optic perfectly. I thought the top part would've had a gap but once you really tighten down the screws everything just fits together. The metal used isn't made of cheese either, so the mount seem to lock onto both the RIS and the optic itself very nicely.


Here's three pics of the levers:








Dunno what to say about them really other than the stuff I wrote already. But it's damn easy to use the levers. Basically just pull the one that doesn't have a lock out first, then do the one with the lock. This goes for putting the mount on and pulling it off.


Now, since it's ACM stuff you'd expect the mount to not stay level as it's hidden blemish from when you take it out of the package to inspect it as it might look all nice and dandy and then when you stick it on a rail, BOOM! It's canted towards the right :(


But, for the LaRue SPR mount, the one I received (we all know ACM stuff have varying QC issues, so I'll speak for my own mount) didn't need any adjustments on the lever nuts to get it to fit tight and snugly on my G&P receiver rails, G&P Sentry AEG fron rail, and my WE SCAR rail. From visual inspection the mount is levelled with the RIS. I don't have access to a level myself to really check if it's levelled but I trust my eyes and it is level to me :P


For the price I paid and it's quality, both externally and functionally I have no hesitation to recommend this mount to others as long as the QC holds up. Given that the mount is casted anyway I would think that as long as you adjust the lever nut tension correctly the mount should stay level as they all should've come from the same mold. I doubt for such a small part the mold will wear down easily (then again I don't work in that industry, anyone with experience please feel free to correct me) and in general it seems like it's mainly the mount base dimensions itself that dictates whether you get permanent canting of the mount or not.


So for those into the looks or the way the LaRue mount functions and don't have money to get a real one this is a very, VERY nice alternative for airsoft.


EDIT: Seems like I dunno how tagging works when you start a new topic ><; Can any of the mods please help me seperate the tag from one to one for each word? Thanks in advance! :D





Mod Edit: Just hit enter after each word or phrase you want to be a tag and it will seperate them

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