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Permethrim: Bug Spray Treatment for Clothing and Gear

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With the weather warming up for those in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to dust off your gear and get out and play! But also, for those that play outdoors, the bugs are also comming out. That means bumps, rashes, bites and even some crazy diseases like Lyme or West Nile Virus. SO with that said, how does one stop those pesky skeeters from eating you alive? It's all in the appropriate choice of bug repellant.


There are 3 different kinds of repellants. One is your convential bug spray, such as OFF and Cutter(in the USA) These are nomally laced with DEET in varying quanities(which is the active ingrediant). They are easy to find and can be purchased in most stores. You can also get topical creams as well and many of the creams are made with more natual ingrediants, such as peppermints and eucalyptis which is ideal for applying to one's face. Pros are this is easy to find, can use the same day of an event, and are effective for a certain amount of time. Cons are inhaling chemicals, putting bizzare non natural chemicals on one's skin, and effectiveness only lasting a few hours before the chemicals wear off.


The second kind of bug repellant is an active device. These are devices like the OFF Clipon. The concept is they have a small battery powered fan that circulates the bug repellant inside a small container into your vicinity. There are also "ultrasonic" bug repellants, where again, it is a small handheld device that repels mosquitos. Seems like a great concept, but flawed in it's implimentation. Pros are no excessive chemicals to inhale. COn's are limited functionality, battery powered, and once you move from one spot, your "fog" of mosquito repellant is gone until you stand still again and let the device keep emitting more repellant. Personally, I have never had any luck with these things.


Finally, the last type(barring exterminating the bugs) is a passive garment treatment. This chemical is sprayed only your clothing and gear and the chemical bonds with the fibers of the cloth and is good for up to a few washes. The most common used is Permetheim. The military uses it to pretreat BDUs and many commerical clothing companies like Columbia and Ex Officio use it to treat garments as well. It needs to be sprayed on in advance and let dry overnight before use. Pros: Works very well, no odor after application, lasts on clothing for up to 6 washes. Cons: Deadly to cats, it's a neurotoxin, so make you you are covered up before you spray, cant use it the day of, needs to be treated in advance.


Anyhow, that's my writeup on the different kinds of bug repellants as summer rolls around again and the biting critters are out to suck your blood! Hope this was helpful! .



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Great video. I've usually never had any problem with ticks, but this season I've had at least three on me every time I get home from the field. What brand was that organic cream you mentioned?


Also, are you going to "pine plains" again this year?

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Here are two good ones that I wouldnt hesitate spraying on my face.


I am registered for Op Blacksheep in a few weeks, but a insane business opportunity that just came up may conflict with the date. I hope not though.

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