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You'll need a genuine serpa for it but they fit fine. To the best of my knowledge there's no ACM one out yet.


Oh and whoever said buy the TM one it'll be twice the quality, well it ain't. I've got both and there's not that much in it. For everyday game use is plump for the WE everytime. Also the TM and WE mags work in either but don't try to interchange the slides. I did once and it took me over an hour to separate the blasted things. They are slightly different.

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Just fitted a Nova slide to a team mates marui xdm this weekend and It fitted really nicely no mods needed, quality seem very simular to the SD slide I installed on my own XDM, If I had to choose I wo

Haha. I sense some contradicting opinions here   I am not sure myself, I will have to leave it be and see how it feels. Anyways, the silencer was just for show/fun, doubt I will use it like that an

I still swear by the Wii-tech XDM metal nozzle which I've installed for my RA-Tech v TM steel slide pistol, I've tried every other nozzle on the market and none of them was able to produce the recoil

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Although it's a month since he asked it, in response to Shardik, the TM and WE are cross-compatible magazine wise. I've tried WE mags in my TM and TM mags in a friend's WE, and both worked just dandy.


Regarding the finish, I have a spare WE upper. Although I generally run the TM upper, when I've used the WE it has held up fairly well. Some paint flecking, but nothing major.


Magazines and gun both fit in the Springfield Armory XDM holster and mag pouches with no problems.

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Yes, I remember that video, I was looking for it yesterday in youtube and see if there was any clue, but couldnt find it.


I know I can interchange the slide and frames, but I would rather not buy two guns to get the one I like and will use... just buying the short slide usually isnt worth the price.


im a weird airsofter, I prefer having fewer guns and actually use them in the field @_@

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To be honest, Im envious of how easy is to find a good field there in the UK, unfortunatly I dont airsoft a lot so I have little chances to use my different loadouts and guns, so Im trying to settle with fewer guns and use them more :)


Wish RS released their M4 AEG to build my dream upper collection :(

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Just took delivery of the WE XDM. First impressions are that I like the gun overall in terms of build and materials wise. The parts standing out as "crappy", in terms of finish is the outer barrel and recoil spring guide rod. Those do not look very good at all. Slide has the same dark grey "anodized" finish as the HK3 PX4 pistols.


My biggest problem right out of the box is the grip of the pistol. Big, boxy and fairly uncomfortable. I have slender medium hands so maybe that is why, but because of the grips being rather big and boxy there is a void left in the palm of my hand when gripping it and it doesn't feel comfortable at all... Also unable to reach and manipulate the magazine release without shifting my grip on the gun, not good.


I guess that is the problem with not testing out models before buying :P Not a single airsoft shop nearby that carry this stuff though so...



Seems like the grips are made for Arnold Schwarzennegger and the likes.


"AYEL BIE BAKK!!!" with some more info later, and videos.

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The XDM sits great in my giant manly hands. :P I'm assuming you've tried the different backstraps?


I actually have a really odd tendency to use my trigger finger to press the right side mag release (I'm right handed), I can't figure it out, it seems to work better for me than using my thumb on the left side release. I guess I'm just weird!

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As soon as I have it on the gun, I will. Hopefully will test fit it tonight, if nothing major hinders me in the installation I should be able to post pictures.


I also broke down yet once again and ordered the Nine Ball recoil spring guide rod, Detonator SFA outer barrel with threads/threads protector, Nine Ball precision inner barrel, Nine Ball hop rubber and a silencer...


God damn this additiction. And it was mostly like because "uh no, what if they run out of stock or go out of production"...

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Since I will be running the silver slide with black barrel and the Nine Ball two tone recoil guide rod this was the only sensible choice for me IMO


1 x Action 35x180mm S.T. Simth Suppressor Silencer (Dual Tone, 14mm-)

(ACT-SIL-SI08D-AG) = US$18.00






EDIT: Well *fruitcage* me sideways. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I bought this silencer thinking I would use it with the WE barrel and adapter, which is 14mm -. The Detonator barrel is 14mm+... :(

*fruitcage* it, I will cancel the Detonator barrel from the order. Keep the silcencer and add a WE thread adapter, and use the original WE barrel for silencer use. 70 USD for the Det barrel is a little steep TBH anyways. Should of though of that from the get go.


EDIT2: WOW, I have to give a shout out to my favorite airsoft shop at the monent, AirsoftGlobal, check out this response;


Hi Chris,

The UPS courier staff has already picked up your package. We have contacted UPS for holding your package and return. It will be returned tomorrow.


Please confirm your action – remove the following item from the order and refund the corresponding amount.


1x Detonator Storm Lake Outer Barrel for Marui XDM DET-MC-XDM-AG US$70.00

Should there be any queries, please feel free to let us know.





I placed the order _today_ less than 4 hours ago, and they managed to pack, ship, have it recalled to remove items from it... *fruitcage* awesomeness right there, love those guys ! :D

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Yea NonEx I cant agree more, I ordered a load of Nova stuff off them recently and it arrived to Ireland in 3 DAYS !!!! WTF. Red wolf are slipping these days they could not prosses one of my recent orders saying that orders to Ireland are being returned by post authorities and there prices on slides etc seem to be higher then there HK counterparts these days which is weird. Any way I got a Marui xdm a couple of months ago and just added a Shooters Design Silver Slide to it, no fitting required at all just drop in fit which I find the case with most shooters design slides, It looks amazing and performs like the plastic slide with very snappy blowback, will add airsoft saurgeon nozzel, nine ball 6.01 and recoile guide rod soon.Would really like to know what the Nova slide is like to install, heres a pic or 2.post-66832-0-26017300-1350393118_thumb.jpgpost-66832-0-48818400-1350393189_thumb.jpgpost-66832-0-74397900-1350393269_thumb.jpgpost-66832-0-05197700-1350393318_thumb.jpg

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Nice gun man, looks great!


I actually feel RedWolf have gotten better, granted it's been a few years since I used them last prior to my last 2 orders. They had alot of NOVA stuff in stock that no one else had an shipped insanely quick. 1 day from HK to SE... INSANE!

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I'm eyballing that NOVA Ti slide myself; curious to see if it installs easily on the WE since someone mentioned that the Marui slide wouldn't fit his gun.

That was me, but it could be that the WE frame was slightly off spec as even the WE slide was a bugger to get on and off. With the TM one however, I was genuinely concerned it wasn't gonna come off at all! The TM and WE mags seem to be interchangeable though.


When I get my other WE XDM back from being cerakoted I'll try again with the TM slide combo and post up the results.

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Video preview coming later tonight, *suitcasey* footage but....


OK. So it was not a drop in fit. The BBU sits too high inside the NOVA slide, meaning the tolerance between frame and BBU is too tight. I never even thought about sanding the inside of the slide as that is a nightmare. Thought about the top of the BBU, but too much surface to sand down, hard to get even (although in hind sight that would probably have been best). So anyways, I sanded down on the bottom of the BBU. Was off by something like 0.15mm, after taking the BBU in and out of the slide the differense from the stock slide went from 0.5mm to 0.2-0.15.


The NOVA slide has a few milimeters extra on the back end of the fron of the slide, ie. the part that sits inside the frame when the slide is in battery. This jams up against the internals when the slide goes back, and sticking the slide. Will have to work on that. Feels like the NOVA alu. is softer as it gets deformed when it jams up against the internals.


Front sight requires TM spring/clip, fixed temporarily with a cut up paperclip.


Nozzle is sticky, was on the stock one too but slightly more here, stock nozzle so far, will fit the *albatross* one later. Should not be to hard.


Barrel, guide rod etc. no problems, drop in fit.

Sights are wonderful, my first time fitting night sights and installing fibre in the sights but it went fairly well.


Think I *fruitcage*ed up the striker indicator plate, sanded it down too much perhaps, think I can fix it but will require some work. Always something with me :)


Without the striker indicator the gun dry fires (no gas) fine, so I do beleive I haven't *fruitcage*ed it up too badly :D


Uhm, what else... Think that is it... I think it looks super sexy IMO... The slide, with the black barrel and fibre optic sights, WOO-HAAAH!


So, to fix:


Sticky slide

Sticky nozzle

Striker indicator plate


Hopefully I can make this work. I just need to learn to sit in shorter sessions... I just get sucked in it and can't let go even though I should of :0

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