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Yes im new to airsoft so ill be looking for lots of info from you guys n gals :D




Im Sean from London, ex paint-baller, which i gave up when my wife and i started a family....now they are older im looking for a new way to lose a few pounds and running around on a Sunday in a field firing of realistic weaponry using tactics appeals to my sense of fun!


I need as much advice as possible in regards to what's good and what's definitely not, so far ive got my eye on either Tokyo Marui scar-H or G&G Top Tech M4 type weapon. The pro's and con's of these is where i become stuck.


Anyway ill read through these forums,


Regards, SilentFart aka Sean

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Welcome to the forums and to the hobby.


You might want to play a few games first with hire equipment before chucking some change a costly RIFS such as the TM SCAR-H.


Whilst playing regularly for the first few months, this will also sort out your VCRA defense (plenty of topics on this in the legal section or simply Google "UKARA")


TM SCAR-H is a nice weapon, if you have the budget, go for it. I have the TM SCAR-L and it is a LOT of fun.


For M4's, I'll take a G&P over G&G every single time.


If you're London based, check out Wolf Armouries in Camden, they have a decent selection of G&P M4's in their retail shop which you can get the feel off.


Have fun! :D

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Hello, If you're looking for buy guns when you do get your UKARA and would wanna go to a physical shop in London, while as mentioned there's the wolf armouries, do check out the Proairsoftsupplies in Highgate too, they allow you to try every gun they have, they have display models that you could fire at a tiny shooting range upstairs as well as dry firing any gbb pistol behind their counter, a service not many airsoft shop has.

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