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Shock and Awe Airsoft


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Just thought i’d write a bit about the site I went to today 'Shock and Awe Airsoft’, http://www.shockandaweairsoft.co.uk/

Based just outside Denbigh in North Wales it is a woodland site made up of mixed tree types and is, amazingly for North Wales, mostly on the flat which is good for my knackered knees! I’m guessing the acreage at 120?


The site has a mixed usage with paintball, this usually puts me right off but beggars can’t be choosers! Very easy to find right next to the A55 it’s well set out and organised they sell pyro etc in their compact office, brews and lunch are included in the price of the days play. Didn’t see any paintballers all day so no problems there. The gameplay was a good mix of quick stuff and longer games, as an added bonus booby traps and remotely detonated pyro were also present in the games.


Any downside? not really the players were honest and good humoured and the staff couldn’t have been nicer, obviously keen to make their site a success they made sure everyone was taken care of. I’ll be going back and if you are in the area I’d recommend you give them a go,




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