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Flyye Industries Dual 9mm Magazine Pouch Review

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Okay, with my recent purchases for my own personal equipment along with some for my University society I thought I might as well do a review on some of the stuff I got for the society as well (like the HK3P PX4). The thing with purchasing 18 of the same equipment at the same time is that I can provide some insight onto the product's QC as I'm probably buying 17 more of the same thing than what most people will get, and not everyone has the time or energy to do reviews on a product.


So, with the Flyye mag pouches I got them during Ehobby's Fathers Day sales, which took 10% off the original retail price of all store products, and from what I remember was 8% off guns in the store. It ended on June 18th and I got it on the 18th without knowing beforehand that it'll end on that day (I thought it was the same as their internet discount, ending on June 25th) so I guess I'm just lucky :P


The original price for the mag pouch (disregarding the MultiCam ones, which are more expensive across products that Flyye makes) is HKD 61, so I got them for HKD 54.9. Me and a friend waited almost 45 mins for them to deliver the items to the checkout counter...I bet the stocking people were scratching their heads wondering what kind of buffoon would by 18 dual magazine mag pouches :P Oh yeah, I went with Flyye as it is them, other than Pantac (and Flyye was the old OEM for Pantac) that have some quality assurance as ACM products go, so I didn't need to scour Hong Kong to find another dual magazine mag pouch (which is EXACTLY what I wanted) that's cheap and durable. I've got a few friends to help me take a look at some ACM shops anyway and the non-branded stuff was sold at around HKD 5x and the stitching and everything was horrendous. So, for cost v durability and consistency Flyye seems to be the only way to go (will write more about that later).


Anyway, enough reading, lets get onto the pics!




Yup, what you see above is 18 magazine pouches having an orgy on a table :P They came with a thin plastic baggy with some white labels with barcodes and whatever telling you that it's a Flyye product. Those were thrown away instantly, so I forgot to take pics of it.


Well, there's nothing much to say for a pouch, but from the 18 pouches I bought all of them were exactly the same, all the buckles on the Molle strips work, the velco's sewn on nicely, and there's no long strands of string or Cordura flying around. The elastic strap around the pouch for the magazines are all made very well, and they do fit the PX4 magazines I intended them to be fitted with nicely. As such, I'm sure it'll fit any other kinds of 9mm magazines without a problem, or even some double stacked .45 mags too.


Here's a bunch of pics from all sides of the pouch:







And here's the logo...if you're interested in that sorta thing :P




The PX4 mags fit very snugly inside the holster, and with the flap covers inserted into the pouch and the magazine over it the mags probably have enough friction to stop it from dropping out of the pouch upside down if there was a situation in which it could do so.


So...what really is the biggest take away from this review is, other than the fantastic quality and price of the Flyye pouches is that their stuff seem to be very top notch. Other than the pouches above I also have a dump pouch and a Weesatch made by Flyye, which I also bought at very reasonable prices (the Weesatch was HKD 400 at Shooter Gear, but they had a discount that time, and the dump pouch was HKD 97 at Ehobby if I remember correctly).


In the future, for any of my load bearing gear that's based on the molle system I'm pretty sure I'll just be buying the Flyye ones as long as Flyye makes it. For the pouch....well other than the very good cost v performance ratio I don't think I have anything else to say :P


Anyway, one more picture with the pouches.....are you guys ready for a zombie apocalypse? :P




That's a Weesatch with:


18 PX4 magazines (1 more in the gun)

10 M4 magazines (1 more in the gun)

2 energy bars.....hey you gotta eat when you're killing the things that want to eat you, right? :P

1 pack of gum....ain't no bubble gum though, I'm all outta bubble gum.....


Annnd there were more pouches and ammo on the back of the Wee, but I didn't bother taking a picture of it...my fingers were already hurting after shoving nearly 12 mag pouches onto my Weesatch :P


If you guys have any questions, lemme know :D

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How does the flyye colouring match up to Eagle? That the SEALZ use? :P nah I jest...nobody cares about that right?


Anyway I thought I would jump in here and onto the Flyye band wagon. After 8 years of softing and using everything from Eagle, BHI, HSGI and TT ect..I came to conclusion that it's all a waste of money if you can get the same(ish) pouch from Flyye. The quality is spot on And more than durable enough for years of skirmishing.


I've owned a Flyye FAPC with pouches for around 3 years and is in no worse condition that any of my other 'real' brands..just thought I'd share the Flyye love is all!

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LOL :P You know, there's a place in Hong Kong that sell civi EAGLE stuff, I can always go check XD


Thanks for the input as well :P Is it true that the Pantac stuff (old and new) are actually used by fighting forces (PMC, Army, etc.)? If so, and if my understanding that Flyye was the old OEM for Pantac, that makes the Flyye stuff being used in actual combat areas rather than some nicer ACM airsoft equipment, doesn't it?


Anyway, regardless of where the Flyye stuff is used, all the Flyye equipment I've seen (and there's a TON hanging on a rack on Ehobby) are good stuff :P

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