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Another email from him today.

hi jordan,

much better response,

out and as an act of goodwill i will be crediting your account with the £70.00

and you can keep the grenade, this offer is purley that you can appreciate that things sometime, are out of both of our control.

i trust this resolves your issues with us, we dont portend to mess people about or disrespect them, but you may consider next time this issue arises in a different place, be more civil rather than resort to threats, you would get a lot more feedback fella.

anyway if you feel you have been messed around we apologise and hoepfully your reward is suitable.

let me know if this is a resolve that suites you and we will make the transfer




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firstly can i add that i dont work for swat - or support bad customer service - however many companies that operate 'custom services' wouldnt have been so generous - although i have no idea about statutory rights under the sales of good act etc - but when ordering a custom product often if a spelling or mistake is made by the customer - which Heath freely admits he may not have been so lucky.


I have no idea about how often e-mails or things should be checked - but I'm not surgically attached to a pc and i dont expect others to be either, no defending just pointing out how easily missed these things can be (or spam trapped etc etc). They have been good enough to offer his second BFGX free - result for you I think - so why complain, you probably would have got this of swat anyway knowing Paul just by discussing it with him. Anyway result for you, nice one.


Maybe as you've been so vocal it your criticism you might be equally as generous in your praise for having the issue either sorted to your satisfaction or on how good you find the product (or not as you might think).

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I was busy last night, so i didnt get chance to put anything else up.


I think that the main reason for the situation was due to them releasing the bfgx on sunday. This solution to the issue is better than i expected, and they have been very generous with it.


The product itself worked brilliantly. I only got to use it a few times during a game on sunday, but it was great. The only issue i have found is that the paint chipped quite easily, but i stripped it back down to the metal which should make it easier to find. The fact that it self resets is good as well.

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I was busy last night, so i didnt get chance to put anything else up.


I wonder if the people who got your original e-mail where in a similiar position considering how popular this is going to be! and with the custom options available - its comments like that - that do upset people and their lively-hoods. I hope you've mentioned the above on the other forums as well about how happy you now are!

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Yes i have. I was certainly a bit hasty with posting up what happened originally, but i did make sure i posted up their response asap to show that they had gone out of their way to resolve it.


When i posted this up, i wasnt doing it to get anything from them. I just felt i should post up what happened.

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See I'm still of the opinion that the retailer was wrong in the first place - The fact they've resolved the issue satisfactorily is great news, but they should have done that without the hassle. A lot of airsoft retailers tend to be a bit complacent until they start seeing their name come up on forums, at which point they often become a lot more cooperative.


Wolf Armouries is a good one - 3 years ago, they were arrogant *rickrolls*. When the profits started falling as a result, they cleared out almost the entire staff, replaced the lot, and now they're one of my favourite retailers. Conversely, ZeroOne used to be excellent, and their success has destroyed their previously very good customer service.


I wouldn't feel too bad if you've caused them a bit of reputational harm - You've kind of done them a bit of a favour in the fact they've been shown to learn from their mistakes, which is always good news.

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