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Ordered about 10 items last Thursday and just now recieved an update saying that my package is in "Packaging" and will be shipped out March 2nd.  It seems every new order I place, it takes them longer to pack and ship out.  About a year ago or maybe longer (memory isn't what it used to be), I would order, pay and it would be shipped out within 24-48 hours.  They are starting to be more like Evike...which isn't a good thing!

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The door was locked because they are probably preparing to leave.  On normal working hours the door is unlocked.


You had 15 minutes left and I'm sure if you had insisted on buying something and being inconvenient going to WGC on another day; rather than enjoying the air condition at WGC and wasting their time they would've done business with you.  I guess you never specified that either.


Oh and you expect the chick working at WGC as a saleswoman to know the thousands of products that WGC sell?   :rolleyes: 



Bitching about this online just shows that you're the kind of despicable person that expect people to kiss at your feet because you are their customer.  Hope you have fun trying to avoid paying anything to WGC as they hold the distribution rights to many products in HK.  If you buy say G&G products in Ehobby you're still supporting WGC financially albeit indirectly.


It's people like the one above that makes me laugh for a second before my face-palm myself at the amount of uncivilized and uneducated idiots running around Hong Kong.




Oh. my. *suitcase*.  Given that the poster above did a copypasta post I decided to Google it and ran into two HK local forums with the same thread.  My comprehension of Chinese is so I didn't read most of the Chinese posts but from the little English phrases and posts I've managed to gather it seems like there's a lot of hate for WGC.


I've shopped there for quite some time now because they carry Lonex stuff and throughout the last two years the service may be slow (honestly it's slow because they have 3-4 guys manning the showroom at a time and can't cater to a sudden influx of customers near the 6-7pm times due to people getting off work; otherwise they work at the same speed as Ehobby as everyone in the HK threads tout as being the best  :rolleyes:), but the staff are friendly and do cater to customers.  Most locals compare it to Ehobby...but everyone here should understand that Ehobby's warehouse is like right next to their showroom and they have almost 3 times the staff catering to walk-in customers.  WGC's warehouse is quite far from their showroom so one should not expect the showroom staff to have ad hoc knowledge of inventory when it's not even near the showroom (hence why they always have the check the computers to check inventory...everything is digital nowadays but there's always a disconnect or discrepancy when you're checking online inventory compared to physically being able to check the inventory).


Seems like most of the HK airsofters locally are all entitled idiots which means my previous assumption is unfortunately true  :angry22:


Could WGC's service be better?  Sure.  Is it as bad as what most of the locals say?  Hell no.  I've been to street shops that have worst service (a huge disparity between WGC's service and the service I've experienced in some of the street shops).  If you're not a white guy or aren't pulling out wads of dollar notes out in some of the shops; they don't even bother answering your questions.  Just because HK's a service economy and a lot of companies work their front-line staff like dogs doesn't mean you can neglect to show common decency along with adjusting your own shopping habits (costing you nothing) to be more efficient at shopping at WGC if they're slow.

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I ordered a number of 1911 parts over chinese new year, all listed as in stock.


Then I get emails when they get back saying theyre out of stock.


Doesn't bother me really, perhaps their stock management needs a bit of a sort out.


Also, their emailing is crazy. They reply only if a certain code is in the subject line of the e-mail, and even then, they place their reply in the MIDDLE of their email (Below Their original email, and your reply, but above their contact details)


It took a while to realise that I wasn't simply dealing with an automated system.




Saying this, both orders are now posted (no tracking info yet though).


Hopefully they'll get here safe and fast.

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I have ordered from WGC loads of times. Before i admit they where quick on orders but now they are slow a tad. But i have never had problems on the orders. My only moon is that they have a lot of out of stock items and it seems they never restock them! On the upside: ive compared them to other retailers i found them to be cheaper than most. (I base this from 2years ago, things might have changed now and i havent bought a new gun in years)

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I asked the staff today about it and their reply was that the guy actually came in at 8pm.  If that was the case and they still helped him with his order I'd say that's a plus in customer service, regardless of the speed of the transaction.


Whether the timing issue was correct for either side; taking the side that favours the customer, his timing was still *suitcase*.

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Hi there!


Do they usally have "%" xmas sale for most of the products they have?


I want to order new metall body for my AKSU... but it's not so iurgent. May I can get it cheaper???


So what do you think (or remember)???

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My experience with WGC is all based as a local cutomer, so I really can't speak to their role as an international retailer in terms of order handling and shipping.


But, when I was living in HK, WGC would usually be the last store I would visit when out shopping for airsoft guns or parts, and for the same reasons as others have stated above. Staff doesn't approach customers, hard to get a hold of someone who can give valuable information if you have any in-depth questions. And the store has maybe 1/3 of the products on their website(warehouse is in another location), so more often than not you need to order the item at the store and then come pick it up a couple of days later.


However, their mail delivery option to local customers are great. Order any item off their website and, as long as it's in stock, it gets shipped to you quite fast. No need to visit the wgc store. No need to visit any store in fact, if wgc has everything you need ofcourse. But it's always fun to go browsing in Airsoft stores. ;)

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Has anyone who lives stateside ordered from them recently? And also has anyone had any problems with customs? I'd like to get some glock stuff but also don't want my PA kage getting lost or seized and I be out of a product AND money! So far WGC seems to have some hard to find items in stock that no one else has....and I've mainly ordered from ehobby and redwolf with no problems thus far

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I recently made my first international purchase from WGC. I'm not stateside so I can't say for sure if the process will be as smooth if shipping to the US, however I thought my opinion might help others make a desition on whether or not they want to order from WGC.


Maybe important to know: My order was quite small, just a couple of parts, no guns. I used the EMS Express delivery option.


Order was placed and paid for 30.05.2015.


Order was shipped 02.06.2014.


Arrived Norway 04.06.2015, pending customs inspection.


Delivered 05.06.2015.


Super fast delivery from date of order placement, no problem with customs, nicely packaged. Very happy, will definately order from WGC again.

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Just went to place an order from WGC - Haven't ordered in years so I needed to reset my password.


But they sent it in plain text!!


Bad for 2 reasons - One it means they have it unencrypted on a database somewhere, meaning that database is vulnerable to being stolen and used for identity theft, standard theft if payment details are saved etc (not sure if that's possible on WGC but there you go) - Secondly it's bad form to send out any sensitive info over email.



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