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FAMAS RIS Units and Scope mounts

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It's bling time for your FAMAS!


Ok I have a few of these units for sale. I bought them whilst in Afghan and then had them machined in the UK so that they would fit the TM FAMAS F1. If you have a FAMAS SV then don't buy this as it won't fit the hand guard because of the bump at the front.


If you have the F1 variant then this is the unit for you.


Ok here's a few pictures to see what I'm talking about:





Here's me holding a RS Famas F1 last year in Afghanistan.



Here is a few pictures of the unit I have for sale:





Here's what it looks like if you get silly and add a few bits:



These are priced at £100 and this includes postage. I have 5 units right now and these will come with a free FAMAS scope mount which can be seen on the last 4 pictures above. These mounts require you to remove the plastic sight inside the carry handle and fit straight inside the carry handle.


I will have another 5 units for sale hopefully in a couple of weeks and then that will be it. These are nearly impossible to find never mind actually fit on the AEG version of the FAMAS and it comes with the a scope mount similar to the TM version made and sold years ago.


We all know the FAMAS is the best gun and adding these rails will only make people die with envy in the safezone when they clock your bing'd FAMAS.


Things I won't do:

Split the scope mount and RIS units - If you are desperate for either one then buy the one i'm selling and flog the bit you don't want.

Wait 4 months whilst you sell your body parts to afford one - first come, first served

take more pictures of the unit attached to a FAMAS - actually I might but don't ask me to take a picture of the RIS attached to a FAMAS which is underwater on a tuesday.


Things I will do:

Sell you one if you have the money

Post it, recorded delivery, the next day at the latest unless it's Sunday.

send you installation instructions via email if you somehow manage to have problems fitting it.


Payment by Paypal and I'll waiver the fee's and if you live outside the UK then the postage will be more but not too much.

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