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Tier 1 - Operation Jawbreaker

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Hey All, Just wanted to drop you a line re my new film and article about Operation Jawbreaker. This was a 24hour Milsim event held in Copehill Down FIBUA site, near Stonehenge in England, by Tier 1 Military Simulations.


The promo is here:






Quote from article:


I stood looking out of the café window at the sun soaked street outside. People dressed in dishdashas and pakols were setting up shops in the buildings opposite. Quite a funky bhangra beat was coming out of the speakers in the next window along and the men were all slightly bobbing in time as they worked.


Behind me, sat at a rickety table strewn with maps and plans, were the organisers from Tier 1's Operation Jawbreaker game.

I considered the question I had just been asked,

“Well what do you think is the safe distance for a car bomb? 30 meters?”

Before I could answer a man entered the room with a tray of Afghan coffees arrayed in small cups and saucers. He piled in some sugar, enough for a large mug, and handed me one. I sipped it while looking out the window.


“I don’t know,” I said to Pyro technician, “we want to catch as many people in the blast as possible, but we don’t want to take out the entire street or they won’t be able to practice a CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) drill.”

Ed, Tier 1 Actual, turned to one of the others in the room, “You’re currently serving in the forces,” he said to him, “what’s the real drill out there these days?”

“It’ all 10 dollar Taliban, these days,” he said and he began to explain to us what that meant.


That’s the level of detail we go to here, I thought to myself as I looked around the room at those listening to him speak. Firstly we had the ex-commando with 8 years service then next to him was the professional roleplayer, who didn’t come out of character all weekend, then 3 airsofters with over 10 years experience each, next was the Pyro Tech and finally me; the head marshal.

We continued listening to Ed’s plans for chaos and I ordered another coffee.


All the details (the article is 4000 words long and too long to post entirely) are here:







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Hey all, please help spreading the word :)

It's Christmas, so here is your present of my Operation Jawbreaker film (the full version): a 24hour Milsim event held in Copehill Down FIBUA site, near Stonehenge in England, by Tier 1 Military Simulations.

This is roleplaying at its very finest. No actors, no retakes, everything happens live once the game is on! 37 minutes of the best Military Simulation ever undertaken in the UK and all cut together with music and professionally coloured.

This is a film of how deep Military Simulation can go.

Please "like" us on Facebook and share amongst your friends.

A full review of the event with lots of images can be found here:




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