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Initial impressions of the VFC/Umarex HK417 AEG

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Sorry for necro, but this is some updated info.     Made a video review talking about the updated internals of this gun. The gearbox 2.2. A follow up video already uploading about piston compa

Alas, many Airsoft prayers have been answered, someone (Umarex but MADE by VFC) has finally made an Airsoft replica of the HK417. However, does the world of Airsoft rejoice and marvel at this chunk o

Not sure how many people have seen this:     Preview of, as I remember it, a limited edition version of the 417 released by Elite Force a few days ago.

the hurricane 416 weighs more than the 417 as i own the hurricane 416 and have tried out the 417.i must say vfc did a great job on externals.


yeah my Hurricane 416 kitted up weighs the same as my buds ino '60... good to hear VF Cs is lighter, I was debating on getting one and overly weighty weapon was a concern.

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VFC have no plans to release a 20" Barrel RIS Kit.

Well, that's not what they replied to my e-mail a few months ago.

It seems that they plan to release a 16" and 20" versions around the end of the year.

There has been some infos around from other sources that seems to go the same way.

It's not clear if it will be complete replicas only, or upgrade kits, or both.

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I've got one Blade runners post the externals are beautifully done, there's been a lot of attention to detail the grip feels slimmer not quite as slim as a PTW or GBB but noticeably different to an AEG.


The trigger on an 11.1v lipo is crisp and as long as your keeping the bursts relatively short I don't foresee any issues anytime soon fingers crossed, the ROF on a 7.4v is average, accuracy out of the box for my one seems to be average 50m give or take with a .25 nice decent groupings no uber range or accuracy but it is skirmish able however the FPS on mine seemed closer to 370 so I've trimmed the spring in order to bring it to more acceptable levels should be firing 340-345.


As mentioned previously the cover on the ejection port is plastic and feels cheap, so cheap that mine has already broken, the feel of the charging handle feels poor in comparison with my old VFC scar and the cover has also broken it doesn't spring back into position as it should do, minor niggles but for a £425 premium AEG I expected better.


I will give it a proper run through at a game this weekend should the midcaps I've just been robbed for arrive.


Another issue most airsofers will have to consider are pouches. Thankfully I wear a replica 6094 most of the time. LBT make an insert for 2 mags that fits into the kangaroo pouch which means I've only had to splash out on the insert and a blue force gear 417 double mag pouch there is an airsoft retailer in the UK that I managed to get both from the remaining two mags should in theory fit into a double decker taco but we shall see since the single mag pouch I do have felt a bit tight.


I've not owned it long enough to make a proper judgement but despite the minor issues I'm happy with the rifle time will tell as to how the internals hold up, fingers cross it's like my scar which I ran for three years on an 11.1v lipo and used as a loaner rifle for friends who would rape it on full auto with a dozen high caps without any issues at all.

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The fit on this is much better than the VFC 416 since that had a mahooosive gap between the receivers, this sits more flush and mine also feels rock solid the hop unit appears to have been redesigned to fit into the receiver and is wider to give it that much more stability.



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Right bit of an after report on my rifle.


Took it with me to a game, charged the batteries etc, set down to bombing up my mags and I hit a snag.


turns out you can't fill them up with a marui XL speed loader, which meant I was buggered and unable to use the damn thing.

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