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Latest Minigun, for a Movie Director This Time!

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I have recently built a movie prop Minigun M134, similar to the Terminator 2 movie weapon. Like the gun in the first Predator flick, it has a full back pack, but the carry yoke is like the one in the second Terminator film. This was made under contract for a movie director who I'm not at liberty to name.


Suffice to say, get a real good look at it, you may recognize it elsewhere soon...

Made of 6mm ABS sheet, CAD designed and CNC produced, this is my most detailed minigun M134 to date. It has a remote operation control box, and runs on twinned 18v batteries from Harbor freight cordless drills, one of which gave its drive motor and transmission.

I'll be posting a massive gallery of the build pics of the minigun soon, but for now, you can see dozens of pictures of the finished movie prop here: http://www.air-sharp.com/killbuckets_miniguns_tour_2.htm

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Looks sweet indeed. I just hope the sound effects guys gets the right firing sound in post production. 134As firing to the sound of a regular automatic gun just ruins it. And no *fruitcage* lengthy startup spin :headbutt:

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