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Long time shooter, first time poster!


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Heya! First time browsing a UK website but looks like you got a few members. Ive ben shooting all my life (my dad first taught me when I was 6) an just got in to airsoft since my best bud took me to a game last weekend. after I shot him in the plumbs he cussed me out then apologized and recommended me here. So is the UK a big airsofting place then? I have family there and am always up for a showdown - anyone wanna take me on?? (gotta warn you I'm pretty good) :) lol


btw Ive now got a mp5 and a glock gas pistol now and im looking for a reason to fly over when visiting the fam and take part in one of your games cos my friend said he played near birmingham somewhere and it was epic. thoughts opinions and recommendatons welcome.






btw, why don't you have a single heart smiley? they are all so agressive? I just want to spread some love. :)

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