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For sale I have a G&P long barrel set for maruzen/G&P spring 870 shotguns.


Included are magazine tube, tube extension, outer barrel, inner barrel, and barrel/tube clamp


The magazine tube was threaded incorrectly from the factory, and does not thread onto the 870 receiver properly.


HOWEVER, If you have a maruzen or G&P medium length 870, the long barrel and magazine tube extension WILL fit.


The barrel has grub screws that secure it to the 870's receiver, so if you just want a wall hanger, the barrel and the barrel/tube clamp that comes with the set will keep the whole thing together, but I wouldn't recommend skirmishing with it.



I'll get pictures up later today, and I may consider splits if the price is right.


$60 + shipping for the set.


If you have any question shoot me a PM, and thanks for looking!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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