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Ace Combat, Paddock Wood

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Hey Guys,


So after a few years out of the sport i was recommended this site (thanks hwagen) and i wanted to share a brief review of an awesome days softin.


So firstly the DMZ (safe zone) nicely decked out, plenty of space to dump kit under shelter and a nice little shop too for all your bb, gas and food needs etc, and a few extras too. Fantastic spot as its so damn close to the site, less walking to play is good!.


The site itself, varied and spread over two rather huge fields. Its a mid sized site id say but offers a good mix of terrain, woodlands, barracades and some open fields all made for interesting play. Its big enough to not feel enclosed and have room to move round, flank etc, but not so big that the action is too sporadic.


The marshals, fantasic in a word, fair, firm and a damn helpful good bunch of blokes.


The other players, again fantastic, the thing i liked most about this site was the atmosphere, a mix of newbies and experienced players everyone had a great laugh, was very friendly and encouraged everyone to get involved and work as a team.


Onto the game, safety briefing and everyone has to be chronoed, to the letter, which i like as it keeps things fair and even. Hot guns spoil everyones fun.


Wide variety of morning games, a few quick ones to get people moving followed by some objective based stuff.


Lunch, free with walk on and damn good BBQ


Afternoon was a more objective based game with a ton of pyrotecnics, explosions and mines hidden around, oh and a nerf gas mortar that was just freakin awesome, the site really excelled at these type of game styles. the marshalls really try to keep it varied and tried a few new game types throughout the day.


All in all i would wholeheartidly recomend this site to anyone, if for the atmosphere alone, the fantastic gameplay, great marshals, great community and a damn good terrain.




Next week, UCAP Sandpit. Maybe ill write a brief review of that too, as im getting back into it and all.



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