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Hi I'm new there


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Hi guys,


I'm new on the forum. I first began to play airsoft in 2010 in Switzerland (Yes I'm swiss :) ) I speak french and english so I decided to create an account to have discussions with UK player.

I've got a nice KJ Works KC-02 (10/22 Ruger), a KSC CZ75 System 7 Taiwan Version (Full Metal) and a very nice Ares DSR-1 that will be mine, if all is ok, next month.


I have been playing for two years (almost 3) sniper, and I still love that. I had a Well MB07 as my first airsoft, I also had an SR25 Classic Army (fully upgraded with PDI/Systema parts) and that's almost everything I wanted to tell..

Hope I'll have a nice time with you guys. :)

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