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WE SVD (Ace-VD) First Impressions.

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Yesterday my WE SVD (wood) arrived as so here is a short first impressions/review on it.


Purchased from CWI, it was sent very quickly and they also performed a mod to reduce the fps to under 300.

Unfortunately the mod is rubbish and wildly inconsistent, NPAS is on the way.


The SVD comes in one piece, in your standard WE brown box.

It comes with the cheek rest, manual, loader and oddly a spare recoil buffer/stop.






Apon picking up the rifle the first thing that struck me was the wood, it really looks like plastic! (I had to check)

I dont know what finish they used but it is very, very clean, feels far too good. Nothing a sand and re-stain cant sort out though.

Otherwise there is seemingly no wobble on the SVD, everything is tight and looks quite well finished.


Only thing that bugged me about the externals was the gap between the safe positioned selector and the dust cover. It has quite a gap which is a little annoying.




The build is a mix of steel parts, alu and potmetal. I dont have a magnet to test which but Im sure the flash hider, selector lever and dust cover are steel.

Will let some pictures do the rest of the talking, they aint great but they show it in a good way.


Also worth noting, the selector and take down lever are very, very tight.

It required some force to go from safe to fire and back.












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Onto the more important bits, the internals and the mag.


The mag is of the same design as the g36/ak/m14, so it should not leak.

The bolt catch appears to be a mix of the m14 and the AK design.

The shell is steel and after some testing you can get off 50 shots or so in a mag before you start to run out of gas.




Stripping down the SVD is simplicity itself, there is little to go wrong.

The bolt is quite weighty and has a decent silver finish. Being of typical WE pot metal though it marrs easily.

The recoil buffer behind it is simply a plastic peice and seems to take quite a beating from the bolt, consumable part in time perhaps?







The trigger mech is WE's typical mix of potmetal with steel re-enforcements.

Only time will tell if these stand up to use but should they break, replacement will be ridicously easy thanks to the way the svd disassembles.

As far as I can tell, it does not take after the AK design except for the way the bolt catch is activated.










Forgot to mention, AK hop design which personally I think is WE's best so far.

Also a nice little addition is the gas block is simulated.

A small amount of the gas rod protrudes into the chamber, the bolt hits it apon return and somewhat simulates the gas rod.

'slo-mo' vid below




Unfortunately I cannot do accuracy or consistency tests until my next skirmish.


So what is it like to shoot?


Bloody fantastic.

A surprisingly solid kick and what is to me the greatest sound I have ever heard come from a GBBR.

It is quite headache inducingly loud in-doors and gives a brilliant metal on metal CLASH.


I cant think of much else to say right now.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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I keep telling people that getting wood to look like plastic is an extremely laborious and sought after process... when applied to home furniture. On a mass produced commie bloc gun it just "looks like plastic". Better suited for the likes of an Anschutz or Feinwerkbau. As you said, easily sorted by 400-600 grit sand paper, wood stain and a couple coats of shellac. Chiming in also on the need for proper precision testing. The only vids out there showing accuracy are done hurriedly while kneeling and only up to 60m.

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Gas rod is not simulated; it just happens to get pushed forward by force of bolt returning.


WE krapwood is going to be krap. Spending $100 extra for it is just outrageous.


Trigger box(the thing trigger guard is connected to) and top cover takedown latch should also be steel or WE is more retarded than I thought.


On tons of realsteel AK and SVD furnitures i have seen, none of them look as plastic as WE.

And I doubt some sandpaper and refinishing techinique will make wood laminated.


Imo, only realsteel furniture that is worse than WE is Bulgarian solid wood, and those still look better than WE.


WE could have just made plastic furniture in same shape as realsteel; then their SVD will be a TON better than it is now.

Too bad WE is all about being retarded at most inappropriate places.


that wood looks like it's made for a SVD beauty contest! :o

Ready for last place, behind A&K, Classic Army, Cyma, and RealSword.





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Anyone know where to purchase MOLLE SVD mag pouches?


They seem to be damned hard to find.

They are easy to find on Red-Alliance.


Just search for UMBTS-compatible SVD pouch for 6sh112 $18 each not including shipping.


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The 7.62 shingles don't work very well for SVD mags (in my case the AEG mags) due to the protruding bits that the mag uses to lock into the body. They get hung up on the pouch easily, as the pouch is a bit too tight for SVD mags.


I got a couple of SVD mag pouches from a place called Kalinka Optics here in the US, but I just checked their website, and they don't have them listed anymore.

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Last I read you can use 7.62 pouches but you will need to stretch them.


Kalinka optics was the first place I checked.

Soviet propaganda has only one double pouch in stock.


Bit annoying, currently not sure how to carry additional svd mags with me without buying a specific rig.

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First issues arrise.


First is the magazine latch which triggers the bolt lock.

It is far too lose and is prone to jumping up under recoil and hitting the bolt lock, making the SVD a bolt action rifle at times.


Secondly and more infuriatingly, the air seal is utter utter garbage.

With a NPAS installed and fully open the best I can get is 220 and even then it fluctuates wildly.


It would appear the nozzle has not been designed correctly and the bucking does not 'grab' the nozzle what so ever to for a seal.


Would I be able to wrap the front of the bucking perhaps?

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Quick update.


The problem with the consistency is the hop unit is far too back.

Put an o-ring behind it to push it forward and now the SVD is very consistent (10fps within each shot)


Now the bolt lock issue however has got worse, it is a pure bolt action rifle now.

With the bolt lock disabled at the mag it still locks at every single shot.

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Bolt lock problem fixed, kind of.


Seems to be a known issue but the spring that keeps the bolt lock down is too weak.


In my case it jumped out of its position.

As I didnt have a replacement (where the hell is a clicky pen when you need one?) I just stretched it a little and put it back in.


Seems to fire fine now...will do a consistency test in a bit.




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FPS consistancy always seems to go tits up as soon as you fit a npas to a gas gun. better off modifying the stock item to the fps you need..


The problem with the consistency is the hop unit is far too back.

Put an o-ring behind it to push it forward and now the SVD is very consistent (10fps within each shot)

Nothing to do with the NPAS.



The link explains the bolt catch problem.

The stock spring is either too long or too weak. Not sure.


Either way the bolt randomly gets caught mid-mag.

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