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Arnie's Day Trip to the Mall

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Ok so, meet a member came up with the good idea of us forming some kind of hive mind like collective meet up at F&O's Mall Site.


I would like to suggest the date of: 9th December


This gives ample time for people to book what ever they need to book and to square away some monies.


If you have not been to the Mall then I would describe it in my own humble opinion as one of the best CQB sites in the UK (personal opinion) and with great staff and possibly the easiest to get too venue we can surely make this a good ole meet up.


Almost all site info can be found here: http://www.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/venues/the-mall/


A couple of good tips, F&O have a deal on with a local hotel so you can get cheap rooms if you intend to get there the night before this would allow any far out people to get there well ahead of time.


If you have any questions I am pretty certain I can answer nearly anything except why you keep losing socks.


Any suggestions as well would be helpful :)


Edit: Dear Mods, is this cool? .. also if this should be some where else please move me. ^^

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I'm up for it, but the money situation for me is uncharacteristically unstable. So put me down as a maybe. Wanted to go to the mall for ages and the F&O guys are good people. Also and an Arnies meet up would be epic (even though I've been out the forum loop for awhile).



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Long as they'll give me the monday off work then I'll come along, not that I really need an excuse to want to play at the mall, it's a rather good airsoft site no questions there.


I suppose there might be another one somewhere, but personally I've not heard of anywhere else in the world where they've managed to get a shopping centre to airsoft inside.

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