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Cyma M14 EBR - Mk14 Mod. 1

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Mine is the Cyma CM032EBR and you can get it the cheapest (194$, totally worth it) from here: http://www.acmgear.com/cyma-mk14-black-cm032ebr-p-3208.html


BTW: I also made a shorter review on youtube, for the lazy ones:






Finally, after six years of waiting (ever since I first saw the real deal), I got my Mk14 Mod. 1, the legendary evolution of the famous EBR (enhanced battle rifle), itself a modern take at the classic M14. They took and old but proven design and caliber and put it into a modern chassis that gave the rifle the ergonomics, rails for attachments and versatility today’s operators needed.






Until now, you could only get an airsoft version of the Mk14 Mod. 1 by purchasing the G&P, which costs only over 600$ (no, thank you), the WE version (for over 1000$!!) or the shoddy Kart version, which, seriously, will only give you headaches and break on you beyond repair.






As per usual, the Cyma CM032EBR arrived in exactly 1 week (HK airmail) in a nice carboard box that covered a hard styro insert, which holds the gun itself, an 8.4V nunchuk battery (Im going to hold on to this one: Cyma is giving out better batteries every day), a charger, as well as a high-capacity magazine




There are going to be 2 versions: full black, and part anodized. The latter is the one I was going for to build the Mk14 Mod. 1 seen in the pics above, but I couldn’t wait, so I got the black one first.


The gun weighs in at 4,200 kilos (9 pounds). This proves that the chassis is not made of monkey metal, like the unwieldy 7 or 8 kilos of the infamous Kart EBR. A bit over half a kilo more than a full metal AK and thus very manageable. She’s between 95 and 104 centimeters long (37 and 41 inches), depending on whether the stock is extended or collapsed, so shorter than the full size M14 and very well balanced, not front heavy like the Kart EBR, which makes it comfortable to move around with it and aim with it.


The gun is full metal of course, painted flat black, with a slight difference in tone between the chassis and the actual gun (nice touch) and looks tough as nails. The whole feels very sturdy, it’s a metal monster! No markings are provided on this gun (except for on the rails) but you can have custom engravings made at jewelry.




The Mod.1 features an M4 type stock tube that allows you to mount any M4/M16 stock on it. The Cyma 032EBR comes with a Crane stock, which allows you to store a nunchuk or crane type battery inside or cram a small 7.4V LiPo into the tube (LINK LIPO). Small Tamiya connector.


It has been said that the stock wobbles. Thank god the stock tube is alright, just a bit too thin, so that the stock has too much play room. The solution is to spray-paint the stock, until the added layer of paint makes the tube thick enough.




Another cool feature as compared to the older EBR, is this one takes M4/M16 pistol grips, which are more comfortable and offer much more versatility, as you can put on the GBBR (looks like one) grip of your preference. The CM032EBR comes with a HK416 type grip, like the RS, and has the correct width.


AEG grips can easily be modified to fit.




You won’t run out of rail space on this one: the chassis has 4 rails (top, bottom & sides) and the bottom rail goes all the way back to the receiver area, so you can mount your foregrip further back, which makes the gun easier to hold and isn’t as tiresome. 20 mm rails allow you to mount anything, grips, flashlights, lasers, scopes, back up sights, PEQs, bipods, rail covers, etc. The side rails and the bottom rail can be moved back or removed..


You have 4 ways to mount optics on this gun: using the top front rail (may be too far away for short eye-relief scopes). You have a mini rail (3 ribs) in front of the rear sight, to mount small optics like the Element Mini red dot or to put the rear ring mount of longer scopes. Also you can get scope rail to mount using the provided hole on the left side of the receiver (LINK).


The gun also includes M14 adjustable front and rear sights.


The rear sling attachment has a hole on the left and one on the right, while the front sling swivel can be unscrewed and changed to the other side.


The charging handle can be pulled all the way back, sets the rotating bolt cover in motion and makes a very satisfying sound when let go. KA-PAING !! The bolt catch on the left side actually holds and releases the charging handle, if it has a spring underneath.




Finally, the magazine is a full-metal hi-cap, which holds 400 rounds and is able to feed XX BBs continuously when loaded properly


The gun is select fire (it can shoot in semi or in full-auto), but the fire selector is found close to the rear sight, while the safety is that thing in the trigger guard. The CM032EBR can be easily modified to shoot in semi only, just by disengaging the selector bar (without having to open up the Gearbox) and the fire selector can be changed to a RS knob or a simple nut, to mimic real semi-only M14s. Unlike the cheaper AGM and Kart versions, the controls here work smooth and don’t feel brittle.


The M14 trigger is not my favorite, but it does have something good about it: you know exactly when the shot is going off.






Sadly, I lost the pictures I took while disassembling the gun to check out the interior and I don’t feel like opening it up again, the Version 7 gearbox is a complicated one. The good news is it’s fine inside, very fine: Cyma M14s are 100% Marui clones, which means the Gearbox is a true V7 GB, not a hybrid, like the AGM or the Kart. It features reinforced gears and metal bearings, so you don’t have to upgrade those if you go for high power set-ups.


The inner barrel is a tightbore of 420 mm, that makes the gun very accurate. Although part of the accuracy, as well as the incredible range this gun is able to shoot at, is due to the cloned Marui M14 hop up, IMO, the best hop up chamber of all times: fast, incredibly straight, constant shots that get lost by the eye… Hop up rubber seems fine. I always change them for Madbull blues, but now Im going for the A+ Studio hop rubber (LINK), which is giving me excellent results in my SR16.


Given the stock power of this gun, I recommend using 0,28 or 0,30 gram BBs, as these will fly farther and more stable.




Measured with KSC 0,20 gram BBs, hop-up disengaged, stock hop rubber, cleaned inner barrel and a Big Dragon chrono:


FPS: 350 (lowest: 347 - highest 352). Pretty damn consistent.


ROF (rate of fire): 625 rounds per minute.


Range: my estimated effective range (will hit a human sized target from the front) is of 60 meters (XX feet).


Shooting a box (30x30 centimeters) 10 times and hit it at least 8 out of 10 times; then set it back another 5 meters and did the drill again. Repeat until I couldn’t get 8 hits, which happened at 50 meters (164 feet).

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The "silver version" came out in the US for 270$ or so. So I asked the guys at Acmgear and they told me they would get the silver version soon. Just couldnt resist it and got the black first, maybe Ill have two, this is kinda my fetish gun (and the PKM).

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