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So on the 26th of June I placed an order with them for a pair of Crye Gen 3 trousers and Gen 3 knee pads. Knee pads arrived after about two weeks however after waiting just over two months now I can safely say their customer service, communications and overall the whole experience from them has been awful. Last Tuesday I cancelled my order for the trousers and asked for a refund. I was told that it would be sorted. Second week of waiting for my refund now and still nothing. I was treated to bull from them about the banks not communicating slowing the refunding process.


This is grade A rubbish. I paid via my Visa card, and as with all Visa refunds the maximum waiting time for refunds is up to five days. Each time I've been told I would be contacted prior to cancelling my order with them and after the fact. I'd say to anyone and everyone avoid them like the plague.


For months they've given me a run around about the situation with level peaks and their orders with them. It's quite clear that they can't deliver on their Crye stock front so if you're looking for a valid UK supplier go to DN tactical or Trojan.


They're lazy, uncoordinated and try to talk down to you. They even disputed if other retailers (trojantactical and DNtactical) had stock, which after a brief call to both of them I was told they had stock and could ship out my order same day. Unfortunately because of this rubbish with G1098 I can't place my order with them due to waiting for my refund.

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I have dealt with them once for a set of pads, had no problem and they were posted out quickly. In that instance though its likely it was something they had in stock and as the OP said his knee pads arrived within a week or so.


Shame really as they gave good service while talking on the phone, anyone else have any experience with them be it good or bad?

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Ordered 2 items from them: A pair of ESS ICE glasses, and an IMI Retention Holster for a Sig P226.


The glasses took around a week, maybe 2 weeks to arrive. They arrived without the yellow lenses, which I was assured would turn up at some point - They haven't after 3 months now. I don't really need them, so not too bothered.


The holster took 7 working days to arrive. I called up on the 6th day, asking where they were, and someone on the other end of the phone apologised for the delay, as they had switched over their ordering systems and website (Their website was certainly updated), and were having trouble retrieving the order details from the old server. Which was reasonable to me.


Not too pleased by the service offered, but the products I ordered were significantly cheaper than anywhere else I looked. I would only consider ordering from this site if you're willing to be messed around a bit in exchange for cheap prices.

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