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ICS GLM Airsoft Rotary Grenade Launcher

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The loadout is simple and to the point. I do however need the help of a fellow team mate to prime and load the grenades during downtime.



If you are having trouble reloading the grenades quickly enough I recommend you switch to the type of grenade that has one big hole.




Pour in bbs.

Tape the top.



I can reload 4 in 2 minutes tops. The ones with a lot of little holes in them are a total pain to reload. I hate them.

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I noticed on the ICS Grenade Shells I used (http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPE-ICS-M158.htm) the I didnt get the range you guys are getting. Has anyone tried using propane? Any difference in performance?

I ran these for three months in my M79. They're extremely short ranged and relatively weak due to the small gas reservoir. I'd suggest changing to Madbull grenades of some sort, or maybe POMs.


I had an ICS I gave to a buddy as a middleman for his airsoft purchases. Quirky little gun, doesn't cycle unless you have grenades loaded. It was only marginally reliable though, so at the end of the day I much preferred my M79 to happily chug through the six PB4s that I bought (which I got an incredible deal for - $70 for six + a Madbul 204 and a CO2 adapter.)

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The GLM is dead simple, what reliability issues did you have?


Not my video, but check out 1:14 for three grenades 1 kill:



I'm guarding a hostage in a staged MOUT scenario this weekend, so I'll be using mine as a giant shotgun to resist room clearing:




Loaded with S-thunder PB shockers of course. I prefer CO2 but I think I'll stick to propane for close encounters.

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After 8 or so games the trigger pin area let go on me mid game, just as I as about to unload all 6 on a few squads.  The entire trigger assembly other then the pins is made of plastic...cheap abs at that.  What I did in a pinch was drill through the trigger frame and run an allen key as the trigger pin.  Other then that and the rails needing tightening every now and then, it's a pretty simple gun.


I run Eagle Force long shells for airsoft bbs and mad bull golds to launch rockets.

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