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VSR and L96 "Zero Trigger" Style 90 Degree Triggers!

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New, Just in....


VSR and L96 90 Degree "Zero Trigger" Style Triggers!!!


Hard but lightweight Aluminium Shell with hardend steel internals and Sears!!!


L96 (APS2 Type96): http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3331932


VSR/Bar10: http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3331958

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We do not state they are to "compared" with the Laylax Zero Trigger.


We simply imply they offer similar objectives - offer a lighter pull, making piston catchment more reliable whilst improving the cocking of the rifle.


As for price. The Laylax Zero Trigger, albeit very well designed, is over priced in todays market. The reason you pay £200 is becuase of the more complex design and lower distribution numbers in certain countries.


We can keep our triggers low priced for a number of reasons that i wont disclose here.


As always, we don't push our products.


Customers can choose whichever trigger they prefer.


We offer unbiased advice.

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Hi Wilgix,

It's compatible with Well, Mauser, Warrior and Maruzen L96 MB-01, MB-04, MB-5 and MB-08. These are all based on APS2 Type96 parts.

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