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Well Vz 61 Skorpion AEP

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 Improving the hop rubber is an easy fix, using an AEG hop rubber and a craft knife. Personally I got my self a couple of pistol 6.01 inner barrels, with marvellous results to range and accuracy, which does get me some funny looks considering their size and fps rating (about 250 fps)


Well, my skorpion is en route from ACM GEAR as well as new connectors and Lipos. I have several AEG buckings (madbull, G&G, reaps...) to replace the stock one. Which mods did you perform on yours in order to fit it? I read in other forums that we only need to cut it to the same length as the stock one, while others said that the nub should be shaved a bit...


Thanks for the help

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Well, sort of a triple post... sorry for that.


The skorp arrived yesterday afternoon and due to football match and gym session I could not really test it or charge the battery, but first impressions are: AWESOME! its sturdy, no wobble creacks or whatsoever, just one of the charging nobs is a bit loose, wich I will try to fix as soon as I have a spare moment this weekend.


The good surprise is that I got the version with drum mag despite the 60$ price tag, which is 12 dollars cheaper than any other HK shop, plus the low shipping costs make this gun an absolute bargain.


Only downside is how hard to find a way to holster it, but I have an old weapon catch which keeps it firmly in place, I have to put it in my belt and try to "holster and draw it" to see how good or bad it is the solution.


Dont get one, get two!!!


PD: Do you know a place to get cheap midcaps? Only place I found was RSOV and I hate how high are their shipping prices, I found a cheap source of mags (KHmountain), but they were hicaps...


Thanks for the help :)

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i have access to a few....  and a small care package could be arranged.
how many would you want?   5? 10... 20?   lol
And registered air mail should be most economical.



and silencers for the R2 and a few other spare parts are now available.... :bounce:






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I recently purchased one of these from Sporting Kent in Ramsgate. It came complete with a drum mag too! When I chronoed, it barely reached 210 fps with .2's, also the hop was far too aggressive, not because of the actual hop unit but the nub moulded into the rubber itself stood too proud. Therfore there was no hop up effect and the 'drag' imposed on the bb probably accounted for the low fps.


After some experimentation I fitted an R-Hop, the barrel cut out window accepted the patch very well and I removed the u shaped prong on the hop arm, and glued a flat block to give even pressure on the patch.


The result was a jump in fps to 230 fps and much improved range, probably a useful 40 yards. For carrying I use a large Molle radio pouch which accepts all my larger sidearms even a TM MP7! The 100 round hi-caps seem to need winding after just a few rounds, this is also the same with the drum mag, however the low-caps  feed perfectly every last round, presumably due to the extended follower.


In summary I would say that this is a useful sidearm but not as powerful as claimed. In my case requiring work to enable it to be useable.

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Ive not seen one, buta replacement grip with motor ive seen for v cheap; under £10. Or you could get a kwc one not cheap but a replica of the original RS grip.


Im because my vz61 was dead out the box even the people att the gun shop couldnt fix it, and ive already brought a czech shoulder holster, 2 mag pouches, metal muzzle and upper. . I cant get it shooting, caveat empor, eh?

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Maybe a bit of necro but... do any of you know any place to get cheap mags for the skorp? I only found rsov with them in stock but shipping just kills the deal.


Just to stay on topic, after a KM bucking a prommy barrel and a lipo adaptor these AEPs are simply awesome for CQB and or secondary guns mode only.


Need moar mags for an incoming russian loadout =D

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Well, Im confident on the little devil. It is actually a JG (the well one died some months ago :( ) and the lipo is a weak 7.4v like the ones used in aep pistols I also only make short burst just for the lulz out of game since my regular fields only permits auto for support guns. 


I think it will live long, and if it doesnt, well, I will just buy another one and swap the barrel/chamber/bucking into the new one 

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Re holsters i believe they have some left- an unissued czech army shoulder rig for 13 quid. Very "secret police" and very Combloc- nice leather will accomodate any large pistol. Holsters for modern smgs are good but if you want the real soviet look and something retro theyre not making any more of grab this.


Will post pics. (Im selling my vz and holster for parts gun brand new just wont shoot. Pm me if interested; will be cheap. )

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