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Hey all!


This is my review of the ACM VLTOR IMOD stock. I got this stock at Shooter Gear to try and spice up my M4 RIS as I wasn’t really digging the basic stock when it’s digging into me when I shoulder the gun :P These stocks aren’t available anywhere anymore and only a few retails still have them in stock I believe. It was HKD 238 at Shooter Gear, and it comes in both tan and black. I got the black one only because my M4’s decked with black furniture only (well, so far..). Oh yeah, it says out of stock for both tan and black stocks on Shooter Gear but they still have some in stock. If you’re planning to buy this stock from them just send them an email or something.





“New for 2010, the introduction of the Improved Modstock, appropriately named the “IMod”. Since 2002, the original Modstock has become well known and respected by Military, Law-Enforcement and sports shooters worldwide. Even though the Modstock is considered the best on the market, Vltor believed it was time for improvements. The improvements are subtle but necessary. Feedback from end users will make the IMod the choice over the competition.


When compared to the original Modstock, the IMod series is now available to fit either the Milspec or Commercial diameter receiver extension/buffer tube. Unfortunately, the IMod will not fit both receiver extensions, so when ordering, pick the correct item and part number.


Like all Vltor stocks, the IMod is available in the three most popular colors; Black, Flat Dark Earth (tan) and Foliage Green. As with the original Modstocks, the IMod is offered in the conventional, “Standard” configuration and the unconventional, “Clubfoot” configuration. Even though the Standard model is the most well-known model amongst the shooting public, the Clubfoot version is a hybrid model that bridges the gap between tactical and prone shooting positions. In other words, the Clubfoot portion of the stock allows the shooter, with his/her off hand, to support the stock and to control the rear of the weapon, while shooting in prone or rested position.


All Milspec IMod kits are also available in “Combo Kits”, which include all necessary components to mount to the rear of most AR15/M16 and M4 type rifles and carbines. Click here for Link


The improvements of the IMod are as follows: Integral, but removable non-slip buttpad (color matched to stock components)


- Rolled/angled buttpad toe with wide traction area. This will assist in running the stock high on shoulder, making the IMod system more user friendly when using web-gear and/or body armor.


- Improved lock paddle, making it easier to operate and making the contact surface non-slip when operating the lever.


- Removed most sharp edges that may cause “snag points” to web-gear or other vital equipment.


- Improved strength throughout construction of the stock chassis. This will provide maximum strength during “Mortaring exercise” or unexpected impact.”





So, when you get the package (for me, it was in the retail shop) it’ll come in a box with the VLTOR logo. I suspected that the box is replicated to be like the real IMOD box and sure enough, a quick Google search yielded me this review video:




And that proved my suspicion to be correct.




On opening the box, you’ll get a Packed By and Inspected By number. I first thought this was weird given that….well, it’s an ACM product, so there’s no QC with that stuff :P But looking through a few Youtube vids show that it’s the same kind of stuff stamped and written on the real VLTOR stock box. Sooo I guess props to the ACM factory for replicating everything on the box?




When to take everything out of the box (which has a foam piece inside the package) you’ll get a VLTOR sticker (LOL…again for replicating what the real VLTOR IMOD stock comes with), a baggy with a nut and screw, and the instruction manual.




The instruction manual’s a pretty good replica of the real VLTOR manual too I believe; at least the stuff is printed on correctly and it looks exactly like what you’ll find for a real product (and not a replica).





Instruction manual aside, let’s take a look at the stock. The baggy with the screw and nut is actually the second locking screw and nut for the battery compartments on the side of the stock. I guess the factory workers didn’t bother to put that in because of the stock lever getting in the way if it wasn’t pulled down.




The construction of the stock is very nice, and even though there’s flash from the mold in several places the material quality is not flimsy or cheap. It’s not replicated for airsoft use per se because of the way the stock is designed, as in true to the real steel one. The battery compartments are for peripheral batteries, not airsoft crane stock batteries. There’s a mod online for how to modify a real VLTOR stock to accept crane batteries though; so that’ll work for this stock too.




As for the trademarks…lemme give you a comparison first. The G&P VLTOR stock (which is not a perfect replica of any VLTOR stock in existence as far as I can tell…correct me if I’m wrong!) does not have “VLTOR” trades, rather “VICTOR” ones.





The stock pad is a slip on/off one that is not true to the RS and therefore does not have the contour of the real IMOD stock (which I think is what G&P is trying to replicate). As such one of the design features of the IMOD is not there on the VLTOR stock replica that G&P makes, being that the toe of the stock is rolled forward to allow better ergonomics overall. Also, the material quality of the G&P stock is the same, if not worst, than the ACM one that I am reviewing; and the price is more than twice the amount of the ACM one at retail price. The G&P one sell for HKD 600 whereas the ACM one is HKD 238.


So, speaking of trademarks, here’s a bunch of pics of the trades on the ACM VLTOR IMOD. I think it has all the trademarks that the real IMOD have.








The battery compartment plugs are also waterproof. They come with the rubbery lining to seal the battery ‘tubes’ off.




Here’s a pic of the significant flash from the mold around the holes which the buttpad (it’s screwed on to lock it down on the stock btw) locks into. Oh yeah, the buttpad is made of some hard-ish rubber as well, which feels nice on your body but it’s not soft or flexible enough like the G&P replica one that it’ll stick and catch onto your shirt when you transition from shoulder to shoulder. The grooves on the stock is deep enough to give pretty good friction hold against shirts or floors, but not enough to cause the stock to stick.




Also, notice that it does not have the M “arrow” C marking the real VLTOR stock have to indicate whether the stock is designed for milspec or commercial spec buffer tubes. Other than that I think the ACM stock has all the trades that the real IMOD does.


So, sliding the stock onto my G&P buffer tube, there’s a slight bit of wobble, same as a PTS MOE Stock on a G&P buffer tube. It’s not really an issue once you have the stock snug when shouldered but it may be an issue for some of you guys. If you really want to remove the wobble I suggest using black vinyl tape to shim the stock so that it’s snug with the buffer tube.




Overall, this stock didn’t really disappoint me other than the slight wobble, but it’s not such a big deal that it would put me off from recommending it. This is the only true replica of the IMOD stock available for airsoft right now from my own research, and if VLTOR stocks are what you prefer and you want to get a true replica of the IMOD then this is the stock for you. There’s nothing else to say really other than the stock is much more comfortable than your standard M4 stock, with the cheekweld and buttplate being more comfortable when you’re not wearing a rig and mask. Then again, the design of the stock should be credited to VLTOR since this is a replica afterall, but from reading the design concept on VLTOR’s page for the IMOD I believe that this ACM copy provides the very same comfort and ergonomics of the VLTOR IMOD but much cheaper than getting the real deal.


And here’s the gun porn :P



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