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newbie here from birmingham


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hi all,


im a newbie here from birmingham. started airsoft around 3 years ago now and i have a kj works 5.1 hi-cappa, umarex mp5 a1 and a umarex hk 417.


i am actually looking to sell my hk 417 its pretty much brand new. being a student just graduated im sure some can appreciate that its been slightly difficult in the period between graduating and getting full time employment. however, i got the 417 after doing some part time work and im now looking to move it on due to cash flow problems so needs must im afraid. it also has a battery and two hi cap mags included so its a great gun and package.

just looking for the best advice really to see wheres best to sell the gun?


many thanks all,



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Near you F&O wise you have Outpost (Old local goverment bunker) and Asylum Fibua (former physicatric hospital) near Kidderminster, Embassy CQB (3 Floor Factory+Offices) in Leicester, Academy CQB (4 floor secondary school) in Leamington Spa and Anzio FIBUA (old army camp) in Leek.


F&O forums also have a sales area.

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