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I would like to share with you my bad experience with AIRSOFTPANDA:


I have preordered the Zeta Labs AS VAL at AIRSOFTPANDA with additional magazines end of August 2011.


After a lot of patience I waited till end of August 2012, the date on which AIRSOFTPANDA said the replica should be delivered after 3 postponement announced.

Mid August, AIRSOFTPANDA confirmed that the delivery would be postponed again and might take place somewhere this year without any more details.


I decided to claim the refund on August 15th to AIRSOFTPANDA as they regularly offered me but I am still waiting for it notwithstanding my numerous reminders.


Do you know if AIRSOFTPANDA is in financial difficulties or if they have a bad reputation of not fulfilling their commitments?

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I know that it is not the fault of AIRSOFTPANDA for the late delivery of the Zeta Labs AS VAL.


But it is the fault of AIRSOFTPANDA for not refunding the money in a quick manner when they are proposing me to refund my order (first request 15 Aug).


Once again, it is not about the manufacturer, the product but the retailer that promessed to refund upon demand and is not fulfilling their promesses.

That is AIRSOFTPANDA full responsibility.


To be christal clear: How to accept passing orders to shop that is not trustworthy ?

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Last news abut AIRSOFT PANDA:


After having made a Hong Kong Police Claim (=> http://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/contact_us.html) yesterday, my refund, requested since mid August 2012, has been honored this morning as I received the Paypal confirmation of the credit to my account.


This matter is now settle with me (even if AIRSOFTPANDA forgot to compensate for the Paypal fees contrary to their Ethics rules written on their site).



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A lot of people have fallen foul of the same problem with the pre order for the val and vintorez, they're having to pay back a phenominal amount of money because of this. My personal advice from experience of waiting for pre orders to reach the shops, don't do it, wait until it's confirmed as available, as stated above by Mike_West, Chinese pre orders get announced years before they sometimes get released, look how long the BAR took to emerge

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Just to inform you that a French airsofter during his trip to Taiwan went to Airsoft Panda shop address and found... another company not related to Airsoft business.

Airsofters are now looking for the missing panda...

(Personnaly, I think it is not a loss)


Source: http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=123579&st=160&start=160

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Shame that they're being so odd as of late. I bought a CA33 from them a few month ago and had nothing but stellar service and comms when I was having issues with the site.

But given the general unreliability of Asian manufacturers to get things out on time (or even at all in many cases), I would strongly advise to not preorder anything, especially if it involves paying up front. While I don't think retailers are out to screw you over, they could just up and disappear any day, especially as they're mostly overseas and difficult to contact.

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While I don't think retailers are out to screw you over, they could just up and disappear any day, especially as they're mostly overseas and difficult to contact.


Doesn't 'just up and disappear any day' basically equate to screwing you over? :P


Come on, if they're still operating their site without the intention of fulfilling any of their incoming orders, then that's just fraud on their part.  I have no sympathy for a retailer like that, no matter how stellar their services are prior.





Seems like Zeta Labs / Airsoft Panda really did go under.  There's also stuff on the Red Alliance thread on the VAL/VSS from my quick mobile searches.



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